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7 Reasons You Have A Wardrobe Full Of Clothes But Nothing To Wear!

by Irene Feeney

Why is this a thing? Why can’t we just skip into our wardrobe and pull out the perfect outfit? Why is it overwhelming and just down right DISAPPOINTING every time? Well, fear not…I’m here to tell you 7 reasons (ok there may be more but we’ll just go with 7 for now!) why you have a wardrobe full of clothes and NOTHING to wear!

1. Your clothes don’t fit: We’ve all been there. We’ve bought clothes in a smaller size hoping for that ONE day we’ll finally fit into them. Stop doing this – stop letting these clothes taunt you and remind you of any weight issues you may have. Whether you’ve lost or put on weight – get rid of the clothes that no longer fit.

2. You don’t ‘CLEANSE’ your wardrobe often enough: When I say ‘cleanse’ – I mean – get rid of/purge/clean out/remove unwanted, damaged and unworn clothes. This also relates to No. 1 above. If you’re still hanging onto that shell suit you wore in 1985 or those low-rise denim jeans who thought were THE BUSINESS in 1994 – it’s time to say goodbye. Make room for basic pieces in your wardrobe you actually wear and ‘Au Revoir’ to items you haven’t worn in over a year.

3. Your wardrobe NO longer suits your lifestyle: Your life has changed. You’ve gone from working in a corporate office to mostly now working from home. Perhaps you’ve gone from working full-time in a busy career to now a stay-at-home mom. Whatever the reason, you have many items now that you no longer wear, perhaps no longer like and are a tad dated. Get rid. They are taking up valuable real estate in your wardrobe. They are cluttering your headspace. If you do determine a new career or job opportunity in the future – part of the fun will be creating a new wardrobe to suit that lifestyle.

4. You shop without a plan: You need to start thinking cohesively about your wardrobe when you go shopping. If you’re constantly buying one-off items for occasions or on a whim, then you are going to have a wardrobe full of pieces that don’t mix and match. Think of your basics, think of the gaps and think to yourself ‘would this floral skirt work with the shirts, t-shirts and knits in my wardrobe? Think of your colour palette in your wardrobe – will that neon green blouse work with anything? Equally, investing in clever pieces such as a black jumpsuit is timeless; it’s an outfit-in-one and will most probably work with your existing items.

5. You don’t have enough basics: This follows on nicely from No. 4. Basics are key in building a workable wardrobe that flows, that’s cohesive, simple and clever. Do the research, find out the gaps in your wardrobe and invest. Investing in key pieces will save you time and money and give you endless options when shopping your wardrobe. Determine a neutral palette, clean lines and items that make you feel wonderful when you wear them.

6. You have lots of clothes, but they’re all the same: You have 25 pairs of black jeans, 15 striped jumpers (ok stripes don’t date but do you need to keep buying them?) and 10 pairs of wedges. You keep buying the same items over and over again, forgetting to create versatile and different outfits. Whittle down the excess and keep the recurring items that fit well, good quality and you enjoy wearing.

7. Your wardrobe isn’t organized: You’ve forgotten about that cute LBD you have that will be perfect for your date night…as it’s folded away under a pile of kimonos. Once you cleanse your wardrobe and it becomes clutter-free, start making it work for you. Colour block everything making it easier for the eye to visualise outfits. Fold your jeans and your knits and have easy access to these. Make sure you can easily see what you have – it makes all the difference and makes shopping your wardrobe a much pleasurable experience.


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