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5 Top Places to Get an Ice Bath in Dubai

So, most people now know that it is beneficial to have an ice bath by submerging yourself into a tub of ice cubes, which is meant to be good for you! 

Ice baths are typically used by athletes or by individuals looking to manage their mind-over-matter in their lives. An athlete often uses an ice bath after an event or as part of their training program and ice bath therapy is when the body is submerged completely in a bathtub full of ice. 

Ice baths can reduce inflammation and boost the central nervous system, improving the ability to react to stress, creating a better mood in individuals, and improving sleep quality. In the three minutes you sit in the ice bath, the things that felt bad don’t feel so bad anymore.

This is all the rage right now, and you can find them available in many places across Dubai, so where are the best places to go and get one?

Excellency Center

This ice bath experience in Downtown Dubai must be booked in advance for 120 Dhs where you will have full access to a bathtub full of ice at the rehabilitation centre, and an expert to talk you through the whole process.

Dhs120, daily (pre-booking required). Excellency Center, Building B201, The Opus by Omniyat, Al A’amal St, Business Bay (044 53 3377).

ReFive Spa

At FIVE’s Palm Jumeirah Spa, this one-on-one ice bath experience comes at 125 Dhs, and the treatment lasts 15 minutes. You will be submerged in a bathtub of water set at 6-7 degrees, not as cold as an ordinary ice bath but still cold enough, with guided breathing exercises while in the water.

Dhs125 (per session), ReFIVE Spa, Five Palm Jumeirah (04 455 9964).

Samadhi Wellness

At Samadh Wellness, the Ice Bath experience costs 120 Dhs for a 15 -20 min session, and they also offer a variety of other treatments at their wellness centre. Every yoga class pass also includes free access to an ice bath, sauna, and outdoor pool.

Dhs 120 (per session) Samadhi Wellness, Jumeirah, 04 323 5354

Embody Fitness

Embody Fitness is known for being one of the most luxurious and exclusive gyms in Dubai, and their Exercise Recovery Suite is complete with state-of-the-art Ice Baths and infra-red saunas. Any athlete, runner, or professional would be spoilt here and can gain strength, power, and flexibility through the programs available at this gym. 

Members only, ICD Brookfield Place DIFC 052 723 9333 

Endorphins Method

This venue was formerly known as CoolOutBreathIn, and these restorative ice baths are run by a very passionate life coach named Benoit Demeulemeester. This ice bath experience starts with breathing exercises and ends with a beautiful sauna experience and healthy snacks. They also host pop-up ice bath events around beaches in Dubai and occasionally in Abu Dhabi.

Ice Bath events start at 250 Dhs Al Manara Road, 050 881 8735

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