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Your Must-Watch On Netflix This October

Your Netflix October Watches

Need a new series to binge-watch? Or a spooky movie? We have you covered with this go-to list of what you can watch this October.

Phantom Pups

We love a family series and one that is suitable to get those Halloween feels really does tick our boxes. In case you hadn’t seen from the name, it has puppies in!

Watch this from October 1st

Nailed It Halloween Edition

Bringing a group of people together with little to no baking skills and having them recreate edible master pieces. Watch the carnage unfold to see if they manage to pull off the impossible.

Watch the series from October 5th

Conversation With A Killer: The Jeffrey Dahmer Tapes

If you haven’t seen already, you can see the 10 episode series now on Netflix before the next series comes out. This is a stomach churning series of a true story about Jeffrey Dahmer. The next series will be the tapes and story told from the point of view of his lawyer.

Watch this series on October 7th

Derry Girls

This will be the third season for this comedy series. It is one for true belly laughs while following a group of 5 teenage girls growing up in Northern Ireland in the 1990’s.

Watch this from October 7th

The Midnight Club

This new spooky season is coming just in time for Halloween. Following a group of terminally ill teenagers in a hospice who gather at midnight to share scary stories.

Watch this from October 7th

Dead End: Paranormal Park

A spooky series for the kids to get them into the Halloween spirit this October. This is the second series for the animation.

Watch this from October 13th

Holy Family

A new Spanish series coming to Netflix about a family hiding a shocking secret. The truth always comes out and despite moving to Madrid to escape a secret, everything starts to unfold.

Watch this from October 14th

The Curse Of Bridge Hollow

This dad and daughter duo must come together to fight off an evil spirit who is set on wrecking havoc, it doesn’t help that the dad hates Halloween! This is a great family movie to get you prepared for your spooky October ahead.

Watch this from October 14th

The School Of Good & Evil

This movie is all about magic school, fairy tales and friendships. It’s one to watch with the slightly older kids too.

Watch this from October 19th

Love Is Blind

Back again for it’s third season, watch a new group of single men and women date through a wall until they finally pick their chosen person and then plan to get married, yes that’s right!

Watch this from October 19th


While this is not a new movie, it will be new to Netflix. Two high school students decide to live their best lives and find love after their fellow school friends start exploding.

Watch this from October 23rd

Dubai Bling

There has been a lot of talk about the announcement of this series and the people taking part in it. The wait is finally over as we follow a group of millionaires who live in Dubai around.

Watch this from October 27th


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