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Your Guide to the Dubai Metro

Guide to the Dubai Metro

The Dubai Metro is the most efficient and convenient way to get around the city for both locals and visitors. However, it can be confusing for novices to navigate with 93 stations and 2 metro lines. We’re here to help you navigate the ins and outs of getting around this beautiful city, without breaking the bank on a taxi or Uber.


The Dubai Metro offers locals and visitors a seamless, futuristic transportation experience. With its modern trains, state-of-the-art equipment, and vast system of above-ground and underground rails, Dubai's metro has completely changed how people get around. The Dubai Metro is more than just a means of transportation; its stations are tourist attractions with eye-catching architectural and artistic flair. The metro embodies Dubai's progressive attitude and represents the modernity and ambitious ethos of the city.


For easy prepaid fare payment on buses, water buses, and the Dubai Metro, use a NOL card. A NOL card can be obtained at customer service desks and is sold at metro and bus stations, as well as authorised businesses. The card itself normally costs AED 25, has a minimum initial top-up requirement of AED 20, and is refundable upon return. To pay for fares, just touch the card on the reader when you enter and exit the bus or subway after it has been activated. In addition to saving time and money by doing away with separate tickets or cash, the NOL card offers frequent users discounts, especially for students and senior citizens.


The Red Line and the Green Line are the two main lines that make up the Dubai Metro system. The Red Line connects Centerpoint station to Expo 2020 and passes through 35 stations. It is the best route for getting to popular tourist destinations including the World Trade Centre, Business Bay, Dubai Mall, and Dubai Marina because it passes through important regions like Deira, Bur Dubai, and Dubai International Airport. The Red Line also goes to UAE Exchange from Jebal Ali.


Additionally, at the Union and Burjuman stations, the Red Line and Green Line cross paths. There are twenty stops on the Green Line, which runs from the Etisalat station in Al Qusais to the Creek station. Notably, compared to the Red Line, the Green Line is typically less crowded.


The Dubai Metro is a popular choice among tourists for transportation from Dubai Airport to their destinations because it's inexpensive and convenient.


The Dubai Metro runs every day of the week, with different schedules for every station: Mon–Thus: 5am–12am (midnight) Friday: 5am to 1am (the following day) Saturday: 5am to 12am and Sunday 8am to 12am (midnight).

Please be aware that the first and latest train operating hours could differ depending on the station, and that timetable changes might occur on public holidays.Both lines see regular train service, with arrivals occurring approximately every three minutes during peak and every five minutes during off-peak hours. It is worth noting that rush hour starts from 7:30am and runs till about 10am in the mornings and from 4:30pm to 8pm in the evenings.


Here are a few things to do to avoid any raised eyebrows:

  1. Mind the Gap: Avoid getting caught in the doors by standing clear while they close.

  2. Keep it Low: Keep conversations at a reasonable volume to respect fellow passengers' peace.

  3. No Snacks Allowed: Remember, food and drinks are prohibited onboard, even for tourists.

  4. Upgrade for Comfort: Consider a gold card if feasible to ease your commute, especially during peak hours.

  5. Respect Personal Space: Practice common courtesy and refrain from pushing fellow commuters.

  6. Wait Your Turn: Allow passengers to disembark before boarding to prevent delays and inconvenience.

  7. Stay Seated: Refrain from sitting on the floor between cabins, as it disrupts the flow for other passengers, especially in the current post-pandemic environment.


Have you used the Dubai Metro? Do you have any tips you think we might have missed? Let us know in the comments below.


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