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The Best Roast Dinner in Dubai

Roast Dinner in Dubai

We’d like to say we took up the challenge and tried every roast dinner in Dubai ourselves to give you our opinion and usually that challenge would be right up our street, but alas we’re time poor and well as we all know, the calories add up!  Instead, we turned to the oracle that is #TheYorkshirePudding on Instagram (follow them if you don’t!) who have taken up the gauntlet on our behalf and have to-date tried 103 roasts across the city, reviewing them all in a honest and non-biased way. 

The current 2024 ranking is as follows:

  1. The Guild 9.25 /10

  2. Goose Island 9.20/10

  3. Toad in the Hole 8.80/10

  4. Geales 8.40/10

  5. Bai Bar 8.40/10

It’s worth also looking at the 2023 ranking, which features a lot more reviews for some great options too! 

  1. The Strand 9.60 /10

  2. The Coterie 9.40/10

  3. La Petit Belge 9.30/10

  4. Goose Island 9.00/10

  5. Bread Street Kitchen 8.90/10

Discover more here: The Yorkshire Pudding and keep up to date with their reviews on Instagram: @theyorkshirepudding_

There’s few things as good as a truly good roast!


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