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Yallacompare Launches Pet Insurance

If you have a pet in The UAE you are probably well aware of how expensive the vet bills can be. Previously there has been little support in the form of insurance but things are changing (thank goodness!). yallacompare are helping UAE pet owners save money with the launch of Pet Insurance Products and we for one are beyond happy!

Unforeseen medical bills for vets in the UAE can range from AED 900 – for blood tests and scans – up to tens of thousands of dirhams for major surgery or life-supporting care, according to local veterinary groups.

Designed to alleviate the pet ownership price burden in the UAE, pet insurance through yallacompare offers Sharia-compliant cover for dogs and cats so that policyholders need only pay as little as 20% of the final bill in the event of an unforeseen, medical emergency.

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