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World-First Adventure Tourism Destination - THE RIG

The Rig

THE RIG. is set to take adventure tourism to new levels with a destination built on an offshore platform in the middle of the Arabian Gulf. Hear us out, this is really happening. The project will be developed by the Oil Park Development Company (OPDC) who were inspired by the legacy and heritage of Saudi Arabia’s long oil and gas history. 

THE RIG. will feature a range of hospitality, leisure, entertainment, and accommodation options including not 1 but 3 hotels, 11 restaurants, an extreme sports and adventure park, a world-class marina, and helipads. 

The project is in line with PIF’s strategy and the Kingdom's Vision 2030 objectives of contributing to the growth of the tourism sector, directly and indirectly contributing to employment opportunities, and diversifying the economy. 

We are intrigued and excited to learn more about when we can expect to visit this unique destination. 

Learn more here.


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