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Why You Need To Support Ethan’s World

If there’s a small business you want to support, Ethan’s World is one of them. Founded by Donna Van Vuuren, Ethan’s world is a start-up that supplies therapy/sensory tools for children and adults with extra needs, inspired by her own son Ethan who is Autistic and has ADHD.

Donna has worked in multiple organizations that work with Autistic individuals and has observed that therapy costs are out of budget for so many families, while the individuals require consistency in therapy to develop functional skills and to create a nurturing learning environment for the individual. Having therapy tools at home has significantly helped Ethan to find balance, and so Donna strives to make these tools available for all other kids at affordable prices.

From fine motor development products to handwriting assistance and educational support, Ethan’s World offers an array of products to help children and adults with special conditions.

While helping those in need with access to curated selections of products, as the business grows it is also set to be financial support for Ethan as he grows up, and the business plans to also employ other young adults with extra needs. This company is an experiential journey with a great cause at heart.

For more information, to shop, or simply offer support – visit


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