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What to Do When You Become a Football Widow

Yes, it’s that time again – The World Cup. So, if your football mad partner is about to ignore you for the month ahead, the good news is you may have a little more time for you and your girlfriends, so we gathered up a few ideas and inspirations of things you can do that well, doesn’t involve football!

· Host a girl’s night in

If he’s gone out with the guys to watch a match, then it’s a great excuse to host the ultimate girl’s night in. Stock up on drinks and snacks, invite all the other football widows over and have some fun. There’s plenty of great chick flicks and festive films on Netflix and why not throw in some face masks, or even invite a salon in to do massages or nails. Why not agree a schedule with your girlfriends where you all need to host one in the month ahead to have lots of fun things to look forward to and to share it out.

· Up your fitness

Make the most of this time and get moving more. Go for a walk or run now the weather is great or why not challenge yourself to try at least one new class a week. It will all make you feel great and you can always pair it with a catch up with a friend along the way. We’re loving Boxica right now – so why not start there?

· Pamper yourself

Follow the WAGs and spend time pampering yourself with all the extra hours to yourself. There are lots of great salon and spa deals on and most are open until 10pm, so get yourself booked in or why not try one of the home massage/pamper services such as Hawaiian Hush or Kaina Home who are brilliant and on our speed dial. It doesn’t have to cost money either, as even taking a long hot soak in the bath with your favourite bubble bath or enjoying a face or hair mask can make you feel brilliant.

· Enjoy a spot of home make-over

Use your time to make-over a room in your home – this always makes us feel loads better. Paint a room, panel a feature wall, change up your cushions. Whatever needs some love at home, take on a project so you can look back at the month that was and feel a sense of achievement.

· Arrange a party

Want to earn some brownie points and keep yourself entertained, why not make a party night of it and invite all the couples or neighbours even over on a key match day and the guys can watch the game, whilst the widows have fun together. Arrange a BBQ, throw some pizzas in the oven, crack open the drinks and what’s not to love and you can enjoy it as a group together.

· Get all your Christmas Shopping

The chances are the malls will be a little quieter during match times, so why not make the most of it and all the seasonal sales and get your Christmas shopping done in good time. You don’t even need to leave the sofa now as all can be done online. Whatever you prefer, get organized and get ahead for the holidays. Obviously take his credit card before he leaves the house ;)

The good thing we find about World Cup month, is by the end of it we really miss time with our man and we have a whole new appreciation for them and the time we have together – all in good time for the holiday season.


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