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What Should You Pack in A First Aid Kit

By Lina Shibib, Medicare Hospital

Work has slowed down, kids are off school, and the summer heat is calling for a much-needed getaway! It’s that time of year where hotel rooms get fully booked and airplane tickets are selling out. Summer. Most people start preparing for their travels early on and start to pack their different outfits, whether it is business attire, casual everyday wear or fancy dinner outfits along with their matching pair of shoes. Other important packing essentials could include your personal hygiene items along with your sleepwear but one more important item that often may be overlooked is your travel first aid kit!

Injuries are inevitable and sometimes when you’re in an unfamiliar country, you may not be able to locate the nearest pharmacy straight away. Hence, it is important to have a quick fix on the spot. This article will discuss the most important items to pack in your travel first aid kit. Get yourself a small pouch that will fit a few items and pack it into your luggage along with everything else. Walking for many hours through the streets of a foreign country is quite exhilarating, that is until you feel a blister forming on your foot! It’s everybody’s nightmare which is why a band-aid pack is a must.

Other basic necessities include;

  • An instant cold pack

  • Disinfectant alcohol wipes

  • Self-adhesive wrap

  • Vitamin C tablets

  • Antihistamines for allergies

  • A pain reliever medication such as Panadol

If you’re going to spend a lot of time under the sun while on vacation, then there are a few more additions to your first aid kit. Pack some sunscreen, aloe vera gel for sunburns and antibiotic ointment for skin sensitivity.

A common occurrence in travels is digestive problems such as diarrhea and constipation. We may also face bloating or flatulence from certain foods that our bodies may conceive as “foreign” thus having anti-diarrheal medicines, antacids and laxatives is important to include in your travel first aid kit.

Due to the current circumstances with the pandemic, taking extra precautions is a must, especially when dealing with crowded airports and tourist trips. It’s important to include a pack of cold-relief medication as well as a saline nasal spray in your first aid kit.

Remember, these items will not only allow you to have a safe trip, but a fun and carefree one with less worries.

Stay safe, stay careful, and have fun!

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