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What is Cosmetic Medical Artistry

Cosmetic Medical Makeup/artistry is relatively unknown in this region. Oncologists generally refer patients for this type of procedure who are about to commence chemotherapy for 3D areola, brows (after hair loss) and scar camouflage but other work includes cleft palates, scalp micro-pigmentation and of course brows and cosmetic enhancements.

Chelsea Gregory is a Cosmetic Medical Makeup Artist in Dubai, currently works with The American Hospital, and Mediclinic as well as many plastic surgeons here to offer these much-needed services. We sat down with her to learn more about what her job entails...

What is Cosmetic Medical Artistry?

Essentially it is Semi-permanent makeup, a technique that implants pigment into the skin. The types of treatments are skin camouflage for all types of scars and burns, areola restoration for mastectomy or any kind of breast augmentation/reconstruction, cleft palettes, scalp micro-pigmentation for men and women who have fine, or thinning hair. Vitiligo is another condition that can be treated. These treatments are excellent aides in restoring confidence and dignity to people.

What are the different types of requests that you get? Do they vary in this region?

Yes I see many patients with a huge range of requests, some of them are unfortunately not candidates for cosmetic medical makeup and I am always very honest with the patient about what can be achieved and what can't.

How/why did you start doing it?

It was a natural progression for me after doing cosmetic treatments for about four years, I decided that I wanted to make a positive contribution in peoples lives, and challenge myself. It's an extremely rewarding job, I love every moment of it. No two patients cases are ever the same and it's always very satisfying to offer solutions.

How long does it usually take to do one cosmetic medical artistry piece?

It depends but in almost all cases its two sessions sometimes three. If it requires microneedling to prepare the scar, then even more. Each case has to be assessed on its own merit.

How long does it last?

Depends on what part of the body, oily areas will always fade faster as will areas exposed more to the sun.

Why is not a lot known about this type of work in the region? Do we need to raise awareness?

Yes, we absolutely do need to raise awareness, I think a lot of people suffer in silence and have insecurities about aspects of their physical appearance that could be easily improved or even solved completely.

Advancements in the industry are moving so fast its not always possible to get all of the information out there to people.

I am working with The American Hospital and all of their specialists are referring patients to me as well as many well known surgeons in UAE and from the region, I have patients that travel from all over the Gulf

It must be so rewarding – tell us more about this..

I absolutely love every moment of my job, it really is the most satisfying feeling to be able to help people put the pieces of their physical appearance back together, many are really effected mentally and emotionally so I am honored to be able to assist them in their journey.

Breast Cancer patients are always extremely grateful and emotional, they come to me at the very end, after chemo, radiation and surgery. My work is the final step and often they are overcome with emotion and thanks. I am always inspired by these women, their strength and tenacity is incredible.

Breast/areola reconstructions are mainly at the end of the journey for patients who have already had chemo/radiation/surgery and the areola/nipple reconstruction is the final piece of restoring the patient as close to they were before as possible.

What are people unlikely to know about you?

I am a creative soul at heart, I love to draw, paint, crochet, I embrace and will try any kind of artistic outlet. Also, when I am not working you will find me in the kitchen or garden.


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