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Wear That - The Addictive Styling Service You Need!

by Scarlett Sykes

I'll be honest, I wasn't so sure at the start. I've always been more of a 'self-style' kind of person, randomly buying bits and pieces or doing a mass order of stuff I probably don't need. So when Wear That was introduced to me it took a little time for me to give it a go, but once I got the hang of it and was in the flow with my stylist I can safely say I am now addicted, to the delight of my husband who sees pink bags and boxes arrive at the door monthly (sometimes weekly).

So how does it work..?

It's really easy - you fill out a quiz online about your style, pay a one-off fee of Dhs105 and that's it. Boxes (which smell amazing) of specially curated clothes turn up at your door with no obligation to buy. You get 6-10 outfits sent along with a style guide for you to try on, you can then pick individual pieces, whole looks or just send it all back if there isn't anything that takes your fancy.

When you first sign up you are assigned a stylist but it's no problem if you want to switch and change stylists to see which one is your perfect match. The boxes can be created by your stylist or you can be more specific - maybe you want some new dresses, or jeans - the box can be specifically curated for your needs.

The other thing that I have recently discovered (dangerously) is that you can also screen snap items from the Wear That instagram, send the image to your stylist directly and they will send it to your see, very dangerous but so good!

Give it a go - for the one-off fee of Dhs105 you get your own personal stylist and some beautiful new pieces for your wardrobe. win win.


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