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Ukrainian Restaurant YOY Launches in Dubai

YOY restaurant interior

YOY, meaning WOW in Ukrainian, entered the Dubai dining scene this winter as the UAE's first dine-in Ukrainian restaurant. The menu features traditional Ukrainian cuisine infused with a modern twist. Pavlo Moroz has extensive experience cooking with fire, and it is evident in his flavourful menu incorporated with grilled, roasted, smoked, and fried dishes using fire cooking methods.

A large open kitchen will surround the Pich, a wood-burning oven that serves as a source of warmth and cooking in Ukrainian homes. In this specialized oven, smoky aromas infuse freshly prepared dishes that can only be found and enjoyed at YOY. In addition, to live entertainment throughout the week, the bustling venue will feature authentic Ukrainian instruments like the bandura and trembita (the world's longest instrument). As guests experience the restaurant's culinary journey to Ukraine, they will be excited and surprised by these special performances. Modern Ukrainian DJs will take to the decks after dark to keep the atmosphere buzzing for diners who prefer the nightlife scene.

There will be a variety of traditional mixed beverages created using botanicals from Ukraine available at the licensed venue. A new and interesting Ukrainian dish will be presented every month by well-known Ukrainian chefs who will show diners a creative side of Ukrainian cuisine. Ukrainian interior designers, the YOD Group, designed the modern minimalistic interior with plenty of wood and nods to a Ukrainian home. A beautiful embroidered modern-style vyshyvanka patterned shirt will be worn by the staff.

The Pointe offers a specialised dining experience overlooking the world's tallest fountains, and YOY, Moderza Group's newest restaurant, celebrates Ukrainian culture.

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