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New Summer Menu at 3 FILS

 New Summer Menu at 3 FILS

We always look forward to seeing what award winning favourite 3 FILS will do next and it's fair to say it never disappoints.

The news is out and the summer menu is here! 3 Fils invites diners to savour the delights of its special menu. The collection of dishes comprises favorites that have left diners raving, all brought back together for these two upcoming months.

Among the highlights of the special menu for the summer season are the Zucchini Bombs, delicate zucchini flowers filled with a tantalizing mix of prawns and scallops, marinated in oyster sauce and sesame oil, and served with sweet Kombu ghee on the side. The Tamagotoro Nigiri + Caviar is another standout, featuring melt-in-your-mouth otoro nigiri topped with caviar and a fried quail egg, finished with a dab of sweet nikiri sauce.

For those craving something truly indulgent, the Toro Croissant + Caviar is a must-try. This dish features freshly baked croissants from BRIX Café, topped with Kabosu sour cream, mashed avocado, fresh Japanese Bluefin tuna, and Kaluga caviar, garnished with chives. Other highlights of the menu include the Hamachi Nori Tempura, crispy seaweed nori coated with tempurako filled with fluffy sushi rice, drizzled with chili garlic mayo and yuzu kosho, and topped with slices of fresh Hamachi (Japanese amberjack). And for a satisfying and flavorful meal, the Shake Don offers a layered bowl of torched ponzu mayo, fresh Norwegian salmon, chukka wakame (Marinaded Seaweed), oba leaf, and sushi rice.

For more information 056 273 0030.


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