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“Trusted by dubizzle” helps abandoned pets find happy homes

“Trusted by dubizzle” helps abandoned pets find happy homes

Dubizzle is celebrating the third year of their successful pet adoption campaign, “Trusted by dubizzle”, that promotes responsible adoption practices exclusively for non-profit pet organisations in the UAE, and helps provide a safe and trustworthy space for pets in need of loving homes, while combating online fraud and rogue pet sellers.

Dubizzle’s campaign is designed to promote the philosophy of ‘Adopt, Don’t Shop’ in a mission to combat the growing issue of abandoned pets across UAE. The initiative is exclusively tailored for accredited non-profit pet organisations and shelters in the UAE that have been licensed and approved by the Community Development Authority (CDA). For the campaign, dubizzle has joined forces with three non-profits with a stellar record of animal rescue, shelter and rehoming – K9 Friends, RAK Animal Welfare and Yanni Animal Welfare – and will be seeking to expand the partnerships to include similar bona fide organisations through a rigorous process of vetting and validation.

As part of the campaign, dubizzle will provide free certified accounts under the “Pets for Free Adoption” category on the platform, placed on top of featured listings, to the three partner organisations, who will be certified as “Trusted by dubizzle”.

Join dubizzle in supporting a compassionate choice: Adopt, don't shop! Explore the many lovable pets waiting for a forever home here:



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