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Why What You’re Feeding Your Pet Matters

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by Percuro Team

How much thought have you really given to the food your pets eat? I know I have not given it enough and after seeing some alarming facts and stats recently, we decide to dig a little deeper into the world of pet food with the team from Percuro and this is what they had to say.

The statistics about pet food and environmental impact are shocking.  Can you tell our readers a little about this as we assume many will be as shocked as we were? 

That is absolutely correct. I think most people will be shocked to learn that we share our planet with 500 million companion cats and dogs, who consume an earth-shattering 20% of the world’s meat, poultry, and fish. Furthermore, livestock farming contributes 18% to global carbon emissions, making the pet food industry one of the largest contributors to climate change.

What 3 things should any pet owner know about pet food? 

1. Pet Food has traditionally been a by-product of the human food industry often using sub-par quality ingredients or ingredients that simply have no place in the canine/feline diet, such as inexpensive/subsidized filler grains including corn and wheat. This has contributed to many common pet allergies, most commonly in the form of skin and gastrointestinal conditions.

2. While it may be tempting to save money on pet food in the short term, it usually results in higher veterinary bills, especially in the mid/late stages of a pet's life, when health conditions begin to surface. As with our own health, it's a balance and trade-off between prevention and cure.  

3. A revolution is spreading through the pet industry with the emergence of innovative brands such as Percuro, which give consumers the option to make a healthier, more conscious choice, not just for their pets but also for our fragile planet. 

Explain why your pet food is different and what we need to know.

Launched in 2020 in the UK, and now available for the first time in the UAE, Percuro is doing its share in solving the sustainability problem by replacing livestock pet food ingredients with clean insect protein, resulting in a 98% environmental toll reduction. Percuro's innovative product is also naturally hypoallergenic and better for your pet since antibiotics and hormones are not required in insect farming, such is the case with traditional livestock. Percuro is made entirely from clean insect protein and plants, all ethically sourced in the EU. 

Does a good diet for your pet need to be expensive? 

While not always the case, typically better quality kibble is more expensive.

Can humans eat pet food or is this a big no-no? 

It's funny you ask because, at Percuro, the founders have all tasted the food and treats, as a testament to the quality and taste!

You currently only have dog food in the Percuro range - are there plans to expand to food for other animals? 

We are super excited to be announcing the launch of our cat range which will be available in the UAE in May of this year. 

Which celebrity pooch would you love to try your food? 

We just provided a massive quantity of samples to the Dubai Police K-9 unit, as they were intrigued by the product category and appreciated the values Percuro stands for. We would be delighted to work with them in the future if such an opportunity is on the cards.


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