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Time To Shine

Dressed up or down, Dubai-based brand The Giving Movement introduces a curated collection of satin pieces to suit all shapes this Ramadan

It's always a win-win when purchasing anything from The Giving Movement. The first sustainable athleisure brand in the region, its latest collection of soft silhouettes in the prettiest of pastels is pure fashion but made modest. A homage to Ramadan, these dresses and separates are all made in the UAE and from 100% sustainable fabrics including 100% recycled polyester and nylon, and organic cotton and bamboo.

Featuring over 30 styles in more than 13 colours, the women's line includes a range of abayas, dresses, shirts, pants and a headscarf and a cape. The Giving Movement also donates USD$4 to charity with each item sold, which is enough to ensure basic needs (food, shelter, water) for a child in need for one week.

To find out more visit @thegivingmovement

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