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The Re-Proposal Trend

Didn’t get your dream proposal the first time around? It’s time to do it all again with a re-proposal!

By Caroline Ralston - Proposal Boutique

If you are married, it's likely that you have had more than a few people ask about how you got engaged and share your proposal story.

For some women, they love to retell their romantic and unique proposal, but for others, they didn’t get the exact proposal they imagined and so tend to shy away from sharing their memory and cringe at the thought of having to tell it.

There ae a number of reasons that you may have not received the marriage proposal of your dreams such as the need to accelerate your wedding plans to move to the UAE or having a rushed wedding thanks to Covid which means you skipped the proposal altogether.

Other reasons include the proposal plan not going to plan the first time around such as your partner forgetting the ring, not remembering to get down on one knee or asking you as you were doing the laundry in a very spur-of-the-moment way with very little romance or planning.

Thanks to social media, the marriage proposal game is huge and people are always looking for big, lavish and creative ways to pop the question. So for those, that had a low-key proposal, they are opting to have their proposal moment all over again in a re-proposal. This ensures they have a story that they will want to share for the years to come.

Like people renew their wedding vows, a re-proposal is a similar way to recommit to each other without the need for a big wedding celebration. A re-proposal is usually much more intimate and romantic and is the opportunity for a spectacular date night, which is something a lot of couples forget to make time for.

Founder and CEO of Dubai Proposal Planners, Proposal Boutique says ‘the benefits of a re-proposal are immense. Firstly, the woman will never expect it, so you know it will be a total surprise! Men know their wives inside out by now, so they know exactly what kind of proposal she will want and it’s an opportunity to show their continuous commitment and love and to correct some things from the first time’.

Dubai is a great place for a re-proposal thanks to the glitz and glamour and the opportunities for romantic proposal locations including private rooftops overlooking the Burj Khalifa, or a private stretch of beach overlooking the Burj Al Arab. You can even opt for a re-proposal at a private hotel villas at the Bvlgari, or Nurai Island, which we love to do for those that got proposed to at home during Covid. This adds an element of that ‘at home feeling’, before the couple then walk from their hotel suite to a private spot on the beach for a romantic dinner setup and spectacular decoration.

But its not just men that are involved in the planning of a re-proposals, 20% of all inquiries are now coming from females who want to take matters into their own hands to ensure they get the perfect proposal. Whilst the couples often plan elements of the re-proposal together, Proposal Boutique believe that there should still be an element of surprise involved and men should wow their partner with surprise elements that she is not expecting to make it that much more special.

Top Tips for Planning a re-proposal:

1) Add some elements of the original proposal to make it fun and unique

2) Pick a location that you will both love and has some meaning to your relationship

3) Allow plenty of time to plan so its not another rushed moment

4) Write down all the things you didn’t love about the first proposal so you know what to avoid this time


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