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The New MINI Cooper Must-Have - it has 5 doors!

The New MINI Must-Have (it has 5 doors!)

Perfect for whizzing around town the new Mini Cooper 5 Door now means you can fit the whole family in the newly extended (and super stylish) space.

Not only does it look very nice from the outside but it is also practical inside with unique design features and innovative and immersive user experiences including OLED display, ambient lighting and digital advances not seen before in a Mini.

Our favourite features:

The Mini Intelligent Personal Assistant can be activated with the greeting ‘Hey MINI’ allowing you to utilise all the digital elements without being distracted while driving (or being talked at by a mini human).

This car also parks for you. Yup, you don’t need to do much yourself in this MINI must-have. The Parking Assistant Plus makes the parking a breeze.

MINI Digital Key Plus allows you to use your phone as a key to open the car which is also transferable between phones so no need to be handing over that old-school key anymore!

For more information or to book a test drive call or visit your closest BMW showroom


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