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TeleBox Picks

Telebox picks

I love a bit of tele. I enjoy nothing more than getting home, putting on my Pjs and catching up on work whilst ploughing through a TV series or new film. I mean it would be better without my laptop, but you know how we’re committed to keeping it real over here at Raemona.

I get a lot of feedback, that people appreciate my recommendations, so I thought I’d start to share some of my best TV finds with you. I’d like to say I’ll do this weekly – but let’s see!

Black Bird

I would go as far as to say this is one of the best things I’ve seen on TV in a long time. This film quality TV series stars Taron Egerton who begins a 10-year prison sentence only to get an incredible offer – if he can get a confession from suspected killer Larry Hall, he will be freed. The show details his mission to do just that. Based on real events, this is a powerful prison drama and it kept us hooked.

Find it On: Apple TV

Love it or List it

I love property, interiors and home makeovers, so this is one of my favourite shows. The British version is hosted by Kirsty and Phil (by now they’re British institutions) and the concept is they meet a couple and one half hates their current home and wants to sell (list) it and the other loves it and wants to do it up, fix all the things wrong with it and love it and stay there. Phil takes them off to view properties they can buy, whilst Kirsty does the house over on the budget they gave and then at the end they come back together and decide whether to “love it or list it”. I’d say 80% of the time they stay. They have recently loaded loads of seasons on to OSN and when you finish the British one, you can move on to the US and Australian ones too. Hours of viewing to be had here.

Find it On: OSN (this is 35 dhs a month and the best thing I bought in a long time!)


If you didn’t see this TV gem, where have you been? This is another Apple original and the 3rd series has just begun. It’s about a couple who have been “trying” to have a baby unsuccessfully. As someone who has been down this path and doesn’t have a family, I did fear it was a little close to the bone for me, but honestly myself and all my friends on the infertility journey agree it’s one of the most heart warming and real depictions of this we’ve seen. I love all the characters, I wish the main character was my friend and we could go out for a drink and I laugh and cry in equal measure. If you only watch one thing – make it this.

Find it on: Apple TV


I love a HBO drama and I’d go as far as to say I’ve never found a bad one yet. We discovered this one by accident, but it has a phenomenal cast of Maggie Gyllenhall and James Franco. Set in the 1970s New York before porn was made legal, it tells the journey of a group of intertwined lives in this gritty industry. The acting is superb, everything looks beautiful and it’s just top class. It was canceled after 3 seasons, but enjoy and savour the 30 episodes.

Find it on: OSN


“Industry” is another new-ish drama from HBO. It shows the lives of young finance grads who venture our into the cut-throat industry to get a job during the recession times that followed as a result of the 2008 financial crisis. It has great acting and intertwined storylines, but be warned in true HBO style there is a lot of 'intimacy' and so it’s definitely not one for with the kids or parents at Christmas.

Find it on: OSN

Stay tuned for more TeleBox picks soon!

Bye for now.


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