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Summer Home Maintenance Tips

With the summer well and truly here it's very important to keep on top of your home maintenance. Regular checks will ensure your home runs to its maximum and avoid those unwelcome middle-of-the-night breakages!

Tregoning Maintenance gives us their top tips for home maintenance..

How often should we clean our air conditioning? We hear there are different types of a/c cleaning – how do we know what to ask for?

Ideally twice a year. It is always good to get it cleaned in March ahead of the time it is going to be used most. It can also be a good time when the heat has subsided a bit to get rid of any dirt that may have accrued over the busy season. A good AC engineer will also see if it is running smoothly after the period it works hardest (the summer).

I found damp in my home – can this be fixed?

Yes, it can be but you must find the source of it. Is there a leaking tap in the wall or a leak from the AC. These can easily cause damp. There is no point just patching up the damp because it will just become an issue again so make sure you have an expert look at the source.

If you’re renting, what are the easiest things you can do to spruce up a rental home?

Painting a statement wall or an entire room can definitely give the place a personal and different feel. We recently put up a special wallpaper in a room and this looked amazing. Wrapping is all the rage and allows you to rejuvenate a room.

What paint colours are trending right now and your team are seeing a lot of?

I am often asked this and the most chosen colours we have are white for people in off-white and vice versa. Grey statement walls remain popular and sometimes we get asked for teal. Children’s rooms are often painted the stereotypical colours still.

Paneling – a fad or here to stay?

Paneling is something I love but it does go in and out of fashion. When there is too much of it or it is old it can look dated quickly.

What are the 3 most popular maintenance requests you get?

1. Painting

2. Kitchen/ bathroom renovations and more

3. AC cleaning

What should we all have in our home took kit to do basic DIY ourselves?

A hammer is always useful but also a Philips and normal screwdriver.

How do you know when it’s time to call out the experts?

When you cannot solve it yourself or do not have the time to do it.

What one thing do you wish people knew when it comes to home maintenance?

How to turn off a water tank that is leaking and broken. It would save the flooding from being frightening.

Just for fun! Who’s better at DIY – men or women?

I think men have traditionally been assigned this role in life whether they are good or not at it. I think women definitely bring a better eye to the design though!!

Tregoning Maintenance is a technical services company offering excellent service, customer care and competitive pricing across a wide range of home maintenance requirements, including: painting and electrical services, plumbing and water-heating services, handyman and carpentry services and tiling, masonry and ceiling works. Call 058 585 1190 to discuss your requirements.

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