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Straight Talking Derm Dr Natalia Launches Book

We’re a big fan of Dr Natalia Spierings, the Consultant Dermatologist who shares her time between London and Kings College Dubai. Known for her straight talking approach, we love her even though her favourite product is Vaseline and she tells us to throw away half of our much loved beauty products.

Dr Natalia aims to shake it up with her book and that she does. Drawing on a decade of work helping thousands of people achieve great skin, she aims to empower you to navigate the confusing world of skincare so you never get fooled into buying hundreds of pounds of skincare products again.

Dr Natalia firmly believes that if you have a problem with your skin - whether it is pimples, pigmentation, overly dry skin, large pores or whatever - it is a skin abnormality and cannot and will not be corrected with a three-step skincare regime you buy at a department store.

Buy her book “Skintelligent: What you really need to know to get great skin” for AED 136 on The Book Depository or in Waterstones UK.


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