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Other Women’s Jobs / Shauravi Malik

NAME: Shauravi Malik

AGE (leave blank if you prefer): 40


JOB TITLE: Co-founder of Slurrp Farm


Born and brought up in India’s capital, New Delhi. Shauravi studied at the city’s Sardar Patel Vidyalaya, followed by the University of Delhi. From there, she went on to get a Master’s Degree in the subject from Cambridge University.

Shauravi moved to Dubai in 2015 and Slurrp Farm was born soon after, in October 2016. The brand came to life when she and her co-founder Meghana Narayan became mums. They wanted high quality and nutritious food options for our own children but were unfortunately unable to find anything.

Extensive market research, R&D and some introspection showed them that the answers lay in their grandmothers’ kitchens. They dug into recipes they favored, revisited ingredients like millets from their childhood and found ways to make them tasty.

Slurrp Farm was launched with a mission to provide healthy snack and mealtime options for young children and their parents. A little over five years later, what started as an experiment in their home kitchens has turned into a loved kids’ food brand.

What does her day look like...

6AM: My work day begins early at 6 am. I typically spend some time jotting down my to-do’s once I wake up and then connect with my team in India (I currently spend my time between London-Dubai-Delhi, growing the Slurrp Farm business in all three core geographies). The next two hours are usually a whirlwind of activity as I get my children ready for school and juggle a few work calls in between.

8AM: Once my first set of morning calls are done, I try to get some physical activity in. I must admit that of late it is often as simple as pacing up and down while on a call- every little bit counts! One of my colleagues gave me a fantastic tip. She said that her father looks at his diary the previous day and makes a mental note of all the calls he can do while walking, isn’t that the best idea for a healthy heart!

10AM - 2 PM: The hours between 10 am and 2 pm are full of more meetings - with my teams about what’s working for the brand and what needs to be tweaked; with customers to glean insights to shape our future products and strategies; and with current and potential investors about the Slurrp Farm journey and what lies ahead.

2PM - 5PM: This is my quiet zone time. The day is usually over in India, and I get my prime thinking time, and catch-up with the senior EXCO team members. I also try to read something new in this time of the day, to keep up with what’s new and trending.

5PM - 8PM: I usually round off my day with homework with the kids, dinner and some family time. We like playing board games together and read together. We chat about their respective days at school, and have the same old battle about bedtime….

In the evenings: I try to get in some reading before bed, or meet friends. Meeting people always gives me energy. I don’t manage to sleep early, so this time is usually my “second wind” time of the day!


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