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Other Women’s Jobs / Mariam Abouzeid

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NAME: Mariam Abouzeid

INSTAGRAM HANDLE: @mariamabuzeid

JOB TITLE: Regional Content Operations Manager – MEAI

MOVED TO THE UAE IN: I was born, raised, and educated in the United Arab


Mariam Abouzeid

Mariam prefers to concentrate on the positive elements of life and is always grateful for what she has accomplished. Mariam has a bachelor's degree in Economics and Management from Sorbonne University, a prestigious French university. In spite of this, Mariam's job has nothing to do with her degree. She oversees all Huawei product content to provide an improved user experience and interface across the Middle East, Africa, India, and Pakistan. Working at a multinational technology firm requires Mariam to keep up with the latest technology and digital marketing trends to better understand customer wants to improve products and create new ones.

What her day looks like...

8 AM: Driving to work in my car. Opening the roof and letting fresh air to flow, enjoying the breeze, getting some vitamin D in the sun, and jamming to music to get my day started.

10 AM: Briefing my team and working with them to complete daily tasks. Many follow-ups are necessary. Ticking tasks off my to-do list and ensuring that deadlines are fulfilled and work is completed efficiently and effectively. Having watermelons; it’s my favourite morning snack. It keeps me hydrated and tastes amazing.

12 NOON: Scouting for a restaurant for lunch. Sometimes I eat lunch at the company cafeteria, which serves Chinese food, other times I opt for a salad, and still other times I desire a juicy burger with fries.

2 PM: I'll be quite busy with back-to-back meetings with the country operation teams and headquarters to monitor how the products are progressing on a daily basis and work on reports. I keep my water bottle close by at all times to stay hydrated and to remind myself to drink water.

4 PM: Take a walk around the office where there is more greenery to take my mind off the computer and move my body. Looking around at the wonderful sights and being appreciative of every moment.

8 PM: I go for an evening stroll on the beach or an indoor spinning class to relieve stress and tension from work, to keep grounded, and to rid my thoughts of anything that is hindering my growth. I enjoy going to the beach spending time alone and listening to the waves. Sometimes I'd lie down on the sand and just stare at the stars.

10 PM: I'm relaxing by taking a hot shower and listening to harp symphonies on YouTube, journaling and writing down the top 5 things for which I am grateful for before going to bed.


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