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Other Women's Jobs / Monika Fourneaux

Monika Fourneaux

NAME: Monika Fourneaux

AGE: 43

INSTAGRAM HANDLE: @monikacesneaux



I consider myself a citizen of the world. Growing up in the Czech Republic, I ventured abroad after completing high school, studying in Germany, London, Tokyo, and Paris, where I obtained my Master’s in Business. After 20 years of marriage and two beautiful children in Paris, I relocated to Dubai in 2019. I published my first fiction, ‘Story of Lenka’ in 2021 and have been working for PRCA since then.

Here’s a look at a typical day.

8AM: Up and running around, getting ready for work after my 45 minutes daily routine workout! 

10AM: Since we are all working from home, 10 am is the time when we usually connect and discuss the day ahead. 

12NOON: Full and concentrated - Work, work, work ..

2PM: Head in the fridge, trying to fix something healthy, even ready to cook but finally grabbing some leftovers, unswerving the incoming call…

4PM: In the waiting room on Zoom, loathing myself why didn’t I cook and eat something healthy!

6PM: OMG still so many things to do! Hurry up with the report!

8PM: At the family table, we sit together, discussing everyone's day and savouring a meal that either I or my husband prepared.

10PM: Trying to write or read or educate myself in some way but most likely already succumbing to a peaceful slumber 😊.

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