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Other Women's Jobs // Mana Jalalian

NAME: Mana Jalalian

JOB TITLE: Partner & CEO, Moissonnier Home Middle East


Mana Jalalian is a dynamic individual whose expertise spans business, interior design, and art. With a background shaped by diverse cultural experiences across Canada, Azerbaijan, and the UAE, Mana's approach to design is deeply rooted in her rich tapestry of encounters.

As the driving force behind Moissonnier's expansion into the UAE, Mana has established herself as a prominent figure in the world of high-end furniture, showcasing the brand's exquisite craftsmanship and artistic flair. Her flagship showroom, Moissonnier Home, is a testament to her meticulous curation and design sensibilities, offering visitors an immersive experience that celebrates the fusion of art, culture, and history.

Through her continuous dedication to redefining the boundaries of art and design, Mana aims to inspire others to engage with their surroundings in a meaningful and creative manner, turning functional spaces into captivating works of art.


Let's discover a typical day in her world:

8AM: Waking up at 8 a.m. is my sweet spot for starting the day. It gives me the perfect balance of getting a good night's sleep and rising early enough to seize the morning. As I open my eyes, I appreciate the tranquility of the early hours, feeling grateful for the stillness before the hustle and bustle of the day begins. It's a peaceful time to enjoy a quiet breakfast and gather my thoughts for the day ahead. With the sun just starting to filter through the curtains, I relish the opportunity to stretch, meditate, or simply take a moment to appreciate the beauty of the morning. Waking up at this time allows me to set a positive tone for the day, feeling refreshed and ready to tackle whatever comes my way.


10AM: Doing Pilates or yoga at 10 a.m. is a refreshing way to mid-morning. It's the perfect time to reconnect with my body, center my mind, and set a positive tone for the rest of the day. As I roll out my mat, I feel a sense of anticipation and eagerness to move my body in a mindful and intentional way. Whether it's flowing through a series of yoga poses or engaging in core-strengthening Pilates exercises, this time allows me to focus on my breath, release tension, and build strength from within. Plus, by scheduling my practice for 10 a.m., I've already had some time to wake up, hydrate, and fuel my body, ensuring that I can fully immerse myself in the practice without feeling rushed or fatigued. It's a rejuvenating and empowering way to nourish both my body and mind, leaving me feeling energized and centered for the rest of the day ahead.


12NOON: Engaging in work and meetings at 12 noon marks the transition into the heart of the day's activities. By this time, I've likely tackled some of the morning's tasks, feeling warmed up and ready to dive into more focused work. Whether it's catching up on emails, collaborating with colleagues, or participating in scheduled meetings, this midday period offers an opportunity to make significant progress on key projects and initiatives. I approach each task with a sense of purpose and dedication, leveraging the momentum built from the morning's activities. Additionally, midday meetings provide a chance to touch base with team members, discuss strategies, and align on priorities, ensuring that everyone is on the same page as we move forward with our goals. Overall, embracing work and meetings at 12 noon allows me to harness my energy and concentration, maximizing productivity and driving progress throughout the day.


2PM: Having lunch at 2 p.m. marks a welcomed break in the middle of the day's activities. By this time, I've likely completed a significant portion of my morning tasks and am ready to refuel both my body and mind. Sitting down to enjoy a satisfying meal at this hour provides a chance to replenish my energy levels and take a moment to pause and recharge. Whether it's a homemade meal prepared with care or a quick bite grabbed on the go, I make it a point to nourish myself with nutritious foods that will sustain me for the rest of the day. Additionally, lunchtime offers an opportunity to step away from work for a brief period, allowing me to relax and unwind before diving back into the afternoon's tasks. Whether I'm enjoying lunch solo or with colleagues, it's a time to savor the flavors, appreciate the moment, and prepare myself for the remainder of the day ahead.



4PM: During this time, I've had ample opportunity to immerse myself in the ambiance, engage with the exquisite furniture and décor, and connect with visiting clients, designers, and industry partners. As I navigate through the elegant displays, I'm reminded of the craftsmanship, heritage, and artistry that Moissonnier embodies. This extended presence allows me to deepen relationships, showcase our collections, and further our brand's presence in the region. It's a privilege to be a part of the Moissonnier legacy, and each moment spent at the showroom reinforces my commitment to excellence in luxury furniture design.


6PM: Remaining at the Moissonnier showroom until 6 p.m. demonstrates my unwavering commitment as CEO of Moissonnier Home Middle East. As the day progresses, the significance of showcasing our collections and nurturing relationships grows. With each passing hour, I'm reaffirmed in Moissonnier's craftsmanship, heritage, and artistry, igniting my fervor for luxury furniture design and driving forward the brand's influence in the region.


8PM: Returning home and meeting friends at 8 p.m. marks a transition from the day's activities to a more relaxed and social setting. After a busy day, coming back to the comfort of home provides a welcome respite, allowing me to unwind and recharge before the evening's plans. As I prepare to meet friends, I look forward to the camaraderie and shared experiences that come with spending time with loved ones. Whether it's catching up over dinner, enjoying a leisurely walk, or simply engaging in meaningful conversations, these moments with friends bring joy and fulfilment to my day. It's a chance to disconnect from work and responsibilities, and to fully immerse myself in the warmth of friendship and companionship.


10PM: Going to bed at 10 p.m. means it's time to wind down and get ready for sleep. As I get ready for bed, I relax and let go of any stress from the day. Having a regular bedtime routine helps me feel refreshed and ready for the next day when I wake up. It's important to get a good night's sleep so I can feel my best and have a great day tomorrow.



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