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Other Women's Jobs / Kathy Scheepmaker

Other Women's Jobs / Kathy Scheepmaker

NAME: Kathy Scheepmaker

AGE: Proudly 60 and very nearly 61!

INSTAGRAM HANDLE: @_homesbykathy

JOB TITLE: CEO and Founder of Homes by Kathy


With a rich tapestry of 30 years, the last 10 of which in Dubai's dynamic sectors of hospitality, construction, and project management, Kathy have been privileged to contribute to the skyline and lifestyle that defines this vibrant city. Her journey has taken her through the heart of Dubai's development, working on prestigious projects like the Royal Atlantis, and closely with high-net-worth individuals and family offices, orchestrating bespoke living experiences that match the emirate's luxurious standards. 

Today, Kathy stands at the threshold of a new venture, Homes by Kathy (HbK), born from a passion to curate seamless transitions into Dubai's unique lifestyle for individuals, couples, and families. HbK transcends traditional relocation services, offering a holistic approach to setting up your new life in Dubai. From elegantly furnished homes, meticulous cleaning, and maintenance, to organizing transportation and stocking up your pantry, the team ensure that your new beginning in Dubai starts with comfort, convenience, and a touch of luxury. With HbK, walking into your new home is just the beginning of a bespoke living experience tailored by decades of expertise and a deep love for Dubai's cosmopolitan essence.

Today, Kathy shares what a typical day in her life looks like with us:

7:00 AM: Meditation, prepare for the day

10:00 AM : Onsite visits to luxury villas and apartments 

12:00 NOON: If time grab a quick coffee and a bite to eat

2:00 PM: Meeting with clients, presenting company and negotiating deals

4:00 PM: Emails and follow up on missed calls

6:00 PM: Off to padel tennis

8:00 PM: Light dinner, catch up with children in UK and South African 

10:00 PM: Early night 


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