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Other Women's Jobs - Hollie Briant

Other Women's Jobs - Hollie Briant

NAME: Hollie Briant

AGE: 32

JOB TITLE: Co-Founder of Dazed & Engaged and Owner of You&I Bridal Boutique


Hollie is a British Expat who is never leaving Dubai! Newly engaged to the love of her life, Hollie owns two businesses, a successful and thriving Bridal store based in Media City, Dubai called You&I Bridal, and she co-owns Dazed & Engaged, a Hen Party E-Commerce website with a curated selection of accessories and essentials that will add that extra sparkle to every bride’s hen party.

In her spare time Hollie also hosts a podcast called 'The People Of Dubai' where she interviews a different person from Dubai to tell their life story.


Let's look at a day in Hollie's world:


8AM: Coffee is my angel and devil on my shoulder. I know that I shouldn’t have it, but I can’t live without it! I jump straight into emails and check my calendar.

Also, most of my suppliers are international so due to the time difference I am on calls starting from 7am. I used to be a night owl, now I am an early bird.


10AM: I have never been diagnosed but my partner has, and I officially have OCD. After my coffee and calls, I take time out and clean / tidy my home. As strange as it sounds, I find it very therapeutic and rewarding. My home is also my office, so I like everything to be tidy and organised. This way I can be focused! After this, I always have meetings or appointments at my Bridal Boutique.  When the weather is good, I walk From Palm Jumeirah to Media City to my Bridal Boutique. It takes me 55 minutes and I answer all emails and messages in this time when doing 14,000 Steps! I discovered working out when working last year and it has been a game changer for my mind set, productivity, and health.


12NOON: I have my first meal of the day. For two years now, I never eat breakfast and only have two meals a day and I’ve found it makes me less sleepy in the afternoon.

I am usually, running around the city in a photoshoot, styling brides and future planning for my business. I always work 6 months ahead planning my business to ensure I have time to be reactive, planned and can forecast my P&L. Don’t forget business is a numbers game.   

When owning two businesses and no staff you must focus on where your time is wasted. I am very strict now on accepting meetings. I have learnt to separate talk and no action as this is your valuable time that could be spent on you, your loved ones or growing your business in another way. It’s ok to say NO and have a flexible calendar, and my calendar is different every day.


2PM: I tackle anything the day has to throw at me to ensure I don’t drop any catches in both businesses. This is a time for reflection and revision of what’s gone on in the day so far.


4PM: I always meet my business partner for Dazed & Engaged at this time where we get excited about the plans for our new company. We are focused on dominating the industry globally! 


6PM: If I don’t need to be at my boutique, I always make sure I am home for dinner with my partner. He is my rock and voice of reason. I feel so calm and supported when I am around him. This is my quality time which we all need to make time for as life is too short!


8PM: This is where I generally try to switch off and wind down with my partner. This could just be watching something on the TV or going for a walk along the beachfront where we digest the day we both had and share learnings.


10PM: At this time I switch off and get ready for bed and ready for the next day ahead.



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