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Other Women’s Jobs / Aimee Connolly

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NAME: Aimee Connolly

AGE: 30

INSTAGRAM HANDLE: @aimeeconnolly_com

JOB TITLE: Founder & CEO of Sculpted by Aimee

MOVED TO THE UAE IN: Currently residing in Dublin, Ireland but delighted that Sculpted by Aimee launched in the UAE in Feb 2023.

Aimee Connolly

Aimee has been working in the makeup industry for the last +14 years starting her career with global brands at the tender age of 16 which then progressed to doing makeup for events, tv, and celebrities and then, teaching makeup in her own makeup academy. Meanwhile, Aimee was also doing a degree in Business & French so when she graduated from that she decided to mix her business degree and her love of makeup to start her own beauty brand, Sculpted by Aimee. It is now 6 years old and Aimee is absolutely loving the experience of growing it and expanding into new territories such as the Middle East.

Here’s a look at a typical day.

8 AM: I’m up and ready for the day ahead. I’m a super early riser so by this time, I’m either on my emails or at an exercise class before I head into the office.

10 AM: Tea break before my next meeting of the day. I’m a huge tea drinker (like most Irish people) and couldn’t see myself getting through the day without a few cups.

12 NOON: We usually host a live masterclass on one of our social channels around this time as this is when we generally see the best engagement amongst our community. I’d normally be hosting one of these and if not, I’d more than likely be in yet another meeting. My days are filled with meetings and tea.

2 PM: lunchtime – I normally tend to grab something if I’m on the go. If not and I’m very prepared, I’d bring my lunch in to work with me and have a working lunch with a member of my team. We usually do the more creative meetings in the afternoon as it’s a little more relaxed and ideas tend to flourish.

4 PM: Going through my to-do list of the day ensuring I’ve covered everything I wanted to in the various meetings. This is then followed by writing out prompts for upcoming meetings or actions required for the next day or two.

6 PM: I’m either walking home from work or driving home in the hopes of squeezing in a run. I find exercise really helps me switch off after a busy day of meetings so when I don’t have time to fit in a walk, I’ll set time aside to ensure I get a run in.

8 PM: is usually dinner time for me. I’m very much a night owl so everything happens to me in the evening - be it exercise, spending time with family, meeting friends, or brainstorming ideas.

10 PM: This is my downtime. I’ve already showered and run through my super quick skin routine which I’m very strict on for obvious reasons. I’m normally watching my current favourite Netflix show, reading a thriller novel or doing some brainstorming in my notepad (my notebook never leaves my side). I love this time of the day as emails tend to be much quieter and it’s also the time of the day when I find some of the best ideas come to me.

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