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No More Filters – Embracing #RealBeauty

By Myriam K, Founder of Myriam K Paris

There was a time when the world was more straightforward. Every generation had its standards of beauty, where the worst comparison was against another person – a celebrity if you will. People perused gazettes and magazines trying to emulate a look or fashion a new design. But when they were done, they closed the magazine and were comfortable enough in their skin to carry on as they were.

Along the way, the world of advertising jumped aboard the bandwagon and began post-editing pictures and video content to raise the bar on beauty. Even then, the realm of “filtered” content was restricted to the larger media industry and its Photoshop and Illustrator specialists.

But all that changed along with the evolution of social media platforms like TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram. Now anyone with a device and a social media account has the power to elevate how they look and feel about themselves using the thousands of filters available on the programs. Filters that were initially rolled out to augment cute animal expressions on human faces now veer towards experimentations in eye colors, lip fillers, lash extensions, thinner noses, and sharper jawlines. And don’t get me wrong, in the beginning, it was entertaining. After all, who amongst us doesn't want to see what we look like with our flaws glossed over – especially if there is no surgery involved!

Mind games

But it isn’t funny anymore. According to Snapchat, 90% of young people in the US, France, and the UK are using augmented reality products on the app. The same kind of statistics hold for Instagram and TikTok. That means that an alarmingly high number of young people, especially young women are using filters or editing apps to improve their appearance. And it’s messing with their minds because now, they are not only comparing themselves to perfected images of celebrities but also judging themselves against their own filtered pictures.

Social anxiety

And perhaps the worst part is that in the desire to seek a more beautiful version of themselves, young people are finding their digital lives more fulfilling than their reality. They’re continuing to filter their online personas to sustain unattainable standards of beauty and lifestyle. And it is exhausting work. The increasing numbers of body dysmorphia, anxiety, and depression are proof of that.

Leading change through practice

However, the positive thing about social media platforms is that the tools to fix these problems are already built into the program and are as easily corrected and rectified. When the tide turns towards a ‘trend,’ the apps' algorithms pick it up to alter their offerings.

That’s why all you need to do is commit. And every single person, celebrity, and influencer that is calling out the use of beautifying augmenting tools by posting ‘real’ images is leading positive change.

I’m supremely proud to be one of them. The MyriamK brand has always been about authenticity, truth, self-esteem, and real beauty. We work to support, raise, and encourage women to find power in themselves – because we wholeheartedly believe that women supporting women can change the world for the better.

That’s why as a company, Myriam.K Paris is pledging to embrace ourselves as we are! Going forward, all our content will be filter-free and real. We’re encouraging everyone – celebrities, influencers, and content creators to join us and lead meaningful change that impacts future generations. We invite you to come together to celebrate #unfiltered beauty, talk about #realchange and embrace the imperfections that exist in each and every one of us. After all, that’s what makes each one of us uniquely individual.

Are you on board?

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