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Mercury Retrograde Calling 2023


Is it just me or 10 years ago did any of us talk about Mercury Retrograde? Was it even a thing? Or

was I just not tuned into the right places or people?

Fast forward to 2023 and it barely seems like a day goes by when someone isn’t talking about

planetary movements or the looming presence of Mercury.

The good news is we’ve already survived the first round of Mercury in 2023 – hurrah - but the less

than great news is that there are four in total this year and the planetary transit which is known

for causing communication issues, travel mishaps and technology breakdowns, will be with us a


During periods of retrograde, planets appear to move “backward”. Mercury normally moves

faster than the Earth around the sun, taking 88 days to complete an orbit whereas the Earth takes

365. During retrograde periods, Mercury slows down and as the blue planet overtakes, Mercury

seems to be moving backwards. In fact, Earth is just moving faster than usual.

In astrological retrograde, it is said that things will slow down or dampen that which each planet

governs. Given Mercury is the planet of communication and travel, this is known to affect these

areas and so we’re looking at arguments, gossip, communications to the wrong person, lost

luggage, delayed and missed flights and more. Nothing we really want or need in our lives, right?

So, in 2023, here are the dates to be aware of.

  • Dec 29, 2022 to Jan. 18, 2023

  • April 21 to May 14

  • Aug. 23 to Sept. 15

  • Dec. 13 to Jan. 1, 2024

Whilst Mercury may have meant the year didn’t get off to the start many of us hoped for, with

projects and resolutions delayed, we’re now through it and have a little while to go until the next.

So, you’re prepared, here are a few tips to survive the periods of Mercury this year as we ride it

out the best we can.

  • Plan ahead where you can.

  • Confirm and re-confirm all plans

  • Meditate and exercise self-care to remain calm.

  • Spend time by yourself

  • Connect with nature where possible.

  • Back up all tech and computer files and emails.

  • Think before you speak during this time.

  • Read the small print and all the details.

  • Drink lots of citruses to avoid miscommunications.

  • Be patient – it will always be over soon.

Ultimately the best way to handle Mercury retrograde is to be prepared and plan for it. Don’t let

yourself be thrown by it and don’t stress.

Sounds simple, right? Until April 21st my friends.


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