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#LifeLessons - Katie Godfrey

Meet Serial Entrepreneur Katie Godfrey

NAME: Katie Godfrey

AGE: 34

INSTAGRAM HANDLE: @kg_katiegodfrey

JOB TITLE: Director / CEO of KG Professional

Katie is a serial entrepreneur and mummy of two beautiful children. She owns a beauty salon in the UK that has been running for 15 years called KG Salon, which she opened when she was just 19 years old. After leaving school at 13 with no qualifications due to being bullied, Katie was always determined to make something of herself despite these challenges. Katie also has an online eyelash training academy and product range which is sold worldwide called KG Professional. Day to day Katie is a business strategist and mentor to females in business and you can usually find her in the studio hosting her podcast “The Life Of KG’ which is available on all podcast stations. Katie is extremely proud to have won over 18 awards and been published more than 100 times. Dubai is one of her favourite places in the world and her go to place to escape from her day to day. She can’t wait to launch her product range there soon. She loves nothing more than inspiring, motivating and helping others in business.

Today she shares her 3 top 'Life Lessons' with us.

Ever heard the saying, “You are who you hang out with?” Well, it turns out, it’s a game changer and especially for women rocking the business world. I truly believe you reflect the top five people you are with the most. If you think of those people now, more than likely you have similar jobs or careers, income, habits etc. It’s important to look at your close circle and see how they make you feel inside. Do they motivate you and they are your biggest supporters, or do they dampen your dreams and make you feel like you can’t achieve?

When you're building a business or chasing dreams, having a circle of supportive women by your side is like having a superpower. They share advice, lift you up when things get tough, and celebrate your wins like no one else.

This isn't just about work – it's about personal growth too. Together, you and your circle break down barriers and boost each other's confidence. When your part of a tight-knit group of women, you become unstoppable. Ideas flow, collaborations spark, and suddenly, you can do anything you put your mind to.

Surround yourself with women who inspire, motivate, and have your back. Whether you're aiming for big career moves or just navigating everyday life, having a supportive squad can turn ordinary days into extraordinary ones. I have always been selective with who is in my group, when that comes down to friends, family or partner and it’s really made a difference in my life.

Delegating is a big lesson I have learnt over the years and my secret to success. Juggling the responsibilities of being a businesswoman and a mum is a lot. Learning the art of delegation transformed my day to day.

Delegating isn't just about handing off tasks; it's a strategic move that gives me time, energy, and efficiency. Giving responsibilities to team members not only gives them a sense of ownership but allows me to step back and work on the businesses.

On the home front, delegation has allowed me to be present for the moments that truly matter in my children's lives. Even more so when I’m bringing them up single handily. I can have a routine with them, so they still get my quality time even though I’m running the businesses.

Delegation allows me to focus on what truly requires my attention. Learning to delegate has been a major part in maintaining my sanity, promoting work-life balance, and growth in business.

Self-care and taking time for you. This needs to be non-negotiable. As a businesswoman and a mum, prioritising my well-being has become a must for me in my day to day. If you don’t look after yourself, you cannot possibly look after your family or your team.

Self-care isn't just a luxury. In life, the demands can be relentless. Recognising the importance of maintaining my physical and mental health has allowed me to approach challenges with resilience and a clear mind. Taking time for myself, whether through exercise, having a treatment, or journaling, has proven to be a powerful recharge that helps my productivity and decision-making.

On the home front, self-care has helped me to be a more present and patient. By making sure that I carve out moments for relaxation and personal time, I'm a better parent. It's a ripple effect, when I invest in my well-being, my family benefits from a happier, more engaged version of me. We cannot run on an empty tank.


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