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#LifeLessons - Hollie Briant

NAME: Hollie Briant

AGE: 32

INSTAGRAM HANDLE: @dazed.and.engaged.  @youandi_bridal

JOB TITLE: Co-Founder of Dazed & Engaged and Owner of You&I Bridal Boutique

Hollie is a British ex-pax who is never leaving in Dubai! Newly engaged to the love of her life, she owns two businesses, a successful and thriving Bridal store based in Media City, Dubai called You&I Bridal. Recently she has also opened Dazed & Engaged, a Hen Party website where her and her business partner have a curated selection of accessories and essentials that will add that extra sparkle to every bride’s hen party.

In her spare time, Hollie's hobby is hosting a podcast called The People Of Dubai where she interviews a different person from Dubai to tell their life story.


Hollie shares her 3 biggest Life Lessons with us today:


Don’t jump into answers. Sit back and listen then negotiate.

More simply said than done, but this is one of life’s biggest learnings when people have an opinion the best thing to do is listen, take a step back and then come with a re-buffle.


Never forget your worth. In a job offer, sales, relationships, etc

Never sell yourself short

When you work for a salary, this is one of the biggest drugs in the world and once they have you hooked you become part of a vicious cycle that you can’t get out of. This goes for everything, and everyone should have self-pride and self-worth in what they do. As soon as you lower any standard it’s a lot harder to get back up back to where you belong.


It's quality not quantity.

Your true friends you can count on one hand.

They say it’s called a friendship circle because a circle should always be something you can be part of and never bigger than the person inside it. I believe that you can count your friends on one hand because the bigger the circle the bigger the problems. I am very content with my select group of friends and they are always there when I need them.



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