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#Life Lessons - Sarah Battikha

With several successful businesses under her accomplished belt, Sarah Battikha sites family as her biggest inspiration and tells Raemona that no dream is too big if you believe in it

NAME: Sarah Battikha

AGE: 29

INSTAGRAM HANDLE: @framebysarahbattikha_dubai

JOB TITLE: Founder & Owner of Frame Dermatology Clinics

Beginning her entrepreneurial career at the age of 24, this one-woman powerhouse has taken on the beauty world opening clinics in Geneva, Switzerland and most recently Dubai. Now aged 29, Sarah has some insightful advice fueled by her passion people, her projects and her family.


My first life lesson has been given to me by my dad who continuously inspires me to never leave a dream unrealised - no matter how crazy the idea seems. If it comes from a place of passion, then there is no reason not to try it. I have tried to follow this example, even though I will always ask (to this day), for his opinion before doing anything that is business related. Along with making my dreams happen, he has instilled in me kindness, as he would always tell me to do good and be good to people. I won't accept being judged by people who don’t know me for who I am, or are envious that I have had the guts to take risks. Now, I don’t pay attention to those people anymore and I actually feel proud because any type of jealousy must mean that I’m doing something right!


My second life lesson comes from my mum who has shown me throughout her whole life that you can be a mum and a businesswoman all at once. That there is no need for people to put you in a box and label you. Since becoming a mum almost a year ago, I’m now even more in awe of what my mum has done at work while also being so very present for her kids.

Even though I feel like I’m constantly running, I am proud because I fully enjoy the time I spend with my son while also being so excited about seeing my team and meeting my clients on days that I work. I have come to realize that I’m a happier mum by maintaining what feels like at times, a crazy busy schedule. When I got pregnant, at the same time I started setting up Frame Dubai and so many people tried to discourage me by telling me that it would be impossible to manage my pregnancy, motherhood and my businesses. I don’t mean to say it’s easy, but it is possible. Along the adventure of motherhood my mum has been my best supporter so I couldn’t be more grateful to have grown up with such an example of strength and I feel extremely proud that my son is surrounded by strong women who don’t let people define who they should be.


My third life lesson comes from my husband who has the biggest uplifting energy. The fact that my dad is such an important figure in my life has put some pressure on making sure I would find a man as brave and hard-working as him.

With my husband, I can say I have won the lottery. Because of his experiences in life, he has shown me what true resilience is and has been such a support since the beginning of my career. The fact that he is an established businessman for 20 years has meant that he has been more than just a support behind-the-scenes, but he contributed with his own time to setting up Frame Dubai.

Having started my business at 24 meant that I was eager for everything to happen quickly, too quickly at times. My husband has taught me patience and that everything comes on time. Life has shown me how right he is on this, and that things would work out on their own in their own timings.


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