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Launch Of Where My Paws At In The UAE!


Whenever pets go missing, it's incredibly distressing for their owners because their animals are often considered members of their family. Currently, pet owners are left with no other option but to post in social media groups about their lost pets.

Carlie Leake, Founder of Where My Paws At, saw a gap in the market for specialised pet-searching services in the UAE when her well-loved indoor cat disappeared for a few days.

For every dog and cat parent in the UAE, Where My Paws At offers a wide range of free and paid services. You can create a pet profile containing important information and details once you've downloaded the application. Information such as a pet's breed and colour, contact information, and microchip numbers are also included. Users become instant members of the Where My Paws At community once they activate their profiles. A free account gives users access to many features, including creating multiple pet profiles, receiving instant missing alerts when a pet is lost, and participating in a central microchip platform.

Those who pay AED 25 per month have access to additional features, including sending instant lost alerts to the community if their pet goes missing, receiving found alerts when their pet has been found, as well as receiving a personalised auto-generated missing pet flyer that can be shared externally via WhatsApp, social media platforms, and printed, as well as discounts on grooming, pet food & accessories, pet-friendly leisure, and more on a monthly basis.


In the UAE, pets must be microchipped. Many pet owners are unaware that vets aren't always able to access all registered microchip numbers in the UAE. If a missing pet is found by the public and taken to a vet, but if the microchip number isn't registered with the vet, it is difficult to locate the owners. The process is very complicated and time-consuming. To help solve this problem, Where My Paws At has developed a solution. Veterinarians can check microchip numbers free of charge with the app. Vets will be able to contact owners directly if their pets are registered with Where My Paws At. As a result, identifying a missing or found pet and reuniting them with their owners becomes easier, faster and more efficient.


A pet tag that connects to the app has been developed by Where My Paws At. You can purchase pet tags for AED 100 each, allowing you to identify lost or found pets wearing the tags. A QR code on each tag displays important information from the pet's profile and allows the finder to share the pet's current location. Premium features of the app are available free for two months. The tag will still work as normal without the additional features on the app if they choose not to keep the premium features after the free period expires.

With Where My Paws At, pet parents can keep their pets safe, while saving money on day-to-day pet care. Pet parents, regardless of their circumstances, will find the app easy, user-friendly, straightforward, and accessible.

To learn more about Where My Paws At and to see more benefits of their app, visit, and to follow their Instagram page, visit @wheremypawsat


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