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J'sDerma Introduced by Miss Palettable

In an effort to become a destination for conscious beauty that uses safe, progressive, and cruelty-free ingredients, Miss Palettable introduces J'sDerma. A skincare brand that believes that treating and managing skin concerns shouldn't be complicated. The company provides innovative products that are cruelty-free and mindfully made for varied skin types and concerns, contributing to the ethos of conscious living and accessibility.

Keeping true to the conscious beauty approach, J's Derma collection looks forward to guiding women to consume differently with a DIY simplistic approach to skin management.

Among the collection's offerings are the Returnage Lifting Serum, Porefine Peel Toner, and Acnetrix D'Light Blending Cream. Providing customers with the opportunity to customize and personalize their skincare routine based on their skin concerns.


Instagram: misspalettable_


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