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Is this AED35 Face Mask Really The World’s Most Powerful Facial?

by Shaye Wilson

The ‘Health & Beauty Aztec Secret’ Indian Healing Clay Mask considers itself the world’s most powerful facial, a marketing slogan that I would usually just skip over. This mask however, which cost me just AED35 on, has amassed thousands of positive reviews across multiple platforms – a fact that the beauty-obsessed-rubber-armed-woman in me could not overlook.

Since I was a teen, I have struggled with blemishes and as a now, 30-something-year-old woman, I certainly didn’t think I would still be battling the more-than-occasional blemish as well as early wrinkles, but here I am! This is predominantly why my beauty cupboard is packed with a mini-Sephora-store worthy amount of beauty products that have cost me nothing less than the deposit on a modest house in my home country (kidding, not kidding!).

Right, so, coming back to the Aztec mask. At just AED35 per pot, I decided I had nothing to lose to put my order in and gleefully awaited the arrival of what was inevitably a product that was about to change my skin (and my life, obviously). And, while I have only used it once, I suspect that I might just have been right. The Aztec Indian Healing Clay is sourced from Death Valley, California where it is sun-dried for up to six months in temperatures that often reach almost 60’ Celsius. It comes in a very generously sized pot and is actually in a clay powder form. Made using 100% Natural Calcium Bentonite Clay, which has been well documented over the centuries as an incredible clay that not only offers reviving and healing properties but is also highly effective in the treatment of blackheads and pimples while tightening and firming the skin.

I washed my face as I normally would in the morning and then mixed together equal parts of the Aztec Clay Powder with Apple Cider Vinegar. I applied this very thickly to my face and left it to work its magic for about half an hour. I then used a muslin cloth to remove the now dried mask from my face and neck and was surprised that it was actually quite difficult to remove, and a bit of hard rubbing was required. On removal of the mask however, beautifully soft and smooth skin was revealed and as it was a work-from-home-day, I managed to avoid putting any makeup on all day which left my skin completely glowing and radiant.

After just one application of this mask, it is hard to say if it's going to be completely skin-changing, but the results I have seen after just one use are enough to make me adamant that I will be incorporating this into my skincare routine on a weekly basis. And, at just AE35 per pot, I think that it has fast become not just one of the most cost-effective products in my routine but also one of the most effective additions to my routine and I have no doubt that it will become a holy grail product for me.

Get it here: (NOW!)


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