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Incredible Pancakes At Spill The Bean

Date Pancake

Spill the Bean, a homegrown, sustainability-focused café in The Sustainable City, is celebrating World Pancake Day with its massive pancakes. Spill the Bean has established a reputation for having some of the best pancakes in town thanks to its locally-sourced, organic ingredients.

With its exotic pancakes and irresistible fusions, Spill the Bean consistently attracts customers from across the UAE, eager to sink their teeth into sugar-free, and preservative-free treats. Spill the Bean-style pancakes can be created by mixing and matching your favourite flavours.

In addition to whole wheat vanilla pancakes with banana, honey, and hazelnuts, the cafe's almond pancakes feature toasted almonds, dried apricots, and honey, which are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, transforming guests into foodie heaven.

Vegans can celebrate with vegan whole wheat coconut french toast made with organic whole grain sourdough toast, creamy coconut milk, almonds, coconut shavings, apricots, berry coulis, and date syrup.

Head over to Spill the Bean this World Pancake Day and indulge in their magnificently succulent pancakes that are sure to get you wanting more.

When: 21st February onwards


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