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How To Tone Down Sequins


For a multitude of reasons, I for one am very happy that sequins have decided to not hide away and hibernate after the festive season, and stick around for SS24. Anyone that knows me knows my love for the shiny, happy, sparkly tiny bead that adorns many an outfit! So as I type this with a happy step in my fingers, I’m going to tell you how to incorporate sequins into your everyday style, not to feel like you are a walking Christmas tree or disco ball and to tone them down to look fresh and cool.

It’s all about mixing and matching – unexpected separates that make you think, “Wow, I never would have put that together!” Incorporating sequins into your everyday wardrobe shows flair and personality and of course fun – and that’s what fashion should all be about! In saying that, and I talk as an experienced fashion stylist here – a lot of people are reluctant to add sequins to a look if it’s not a night-time event, does not include a Christmas tree in the background or the sounds of Auld Lang Syne being sang in the chorus. To anyone who feels this – the main element here to remember is – CONFIDENCE. The key to nailing sequins year-round is wearing them with confidence. Own those sequins like your life depends on them!

Without further ado, let’s delve into some of the ways you can tone down sequins to make them an everyday, casual look:

Sequin Skirts

A sequin skirt is probably the easiest item to tone down and turn into a ‘just-running-to-the-shops-for-milk’ look. Pair your skirt with a simple tee or knit. Keep it neutral and aim for greys, blacks or whites here when opting for a t-shirt. With knits – you can be bolder by opting for prints and colour. The footwear of choice here to optimise the casual vibe – is a pair of trainers. Simple white ones are clean and fresh, equally a pair of Dad trainers are the ultimate casual shoe of choice.

Sparkly Shoes

Have a pair of sequinned, sparkly shoes in your closet that you only wear once a year during the festive season? Well, think about getting your 30-wears out of them by pairing them with a pair of wide-legged denim. Denim is truly the great equaliser. Try a double-denim look (which is a key trend this season) with your sequinned shoes for an effortless, cool and chic look. In addition, cargo pants (another key trend) paired with your sequinned heels and a simple white shirt is another fabulous and simple look.

Sequinned Top

Similar to the shoe option, teaming a sequinned top with a pair of edgy denim jeans or a skirt (long, maxi denim skirts are currently having a moment!) creates a casual and easy-to-wear look. For a shoe option here, I would suggest black chunky boots or trainers.

Sequinned Dress

Ok hear me out, SEQUIN DRESSES ARE PERFECTLY ACCEPTABLE NO MATTER THE EVENT OR TIME OF YEAR! Shall I say it louder for the people at the back? Dress and tone your sequin dress down by layering it over a button-down white shirt or simple tee or under a blazer with the sleeves rolled up. Equally by donning a white t-shirt knotted at the waist, over the dress turns the ensemble into a casual and cool ‘top and skirt’ situation.

Sequinned jackets

I feel everyone has some sort of bedazzled jacket in their wardrobe that they only take out once a year. Most people buy them thinking they’ll get loads of wear out of them and then wear them for that one occasion or event around the festive season. Think out of the box with this one and pair the jacket with a pair of cool joggers – it’s an unexpected combination but looks really good. Similarly, by pairing your sequinned jacket with denims or cargo pants – takes the really dressy look away and turns it into an everyday staple.

To finish, another tip when dressing down your sequins is to keep your jewellery and accessories to the minimum. Less is definitely more in this case and there’s enough bling going on with the sequinned item, without over-powering it with additional bling. In addition, if sequins still intimidate you and the thoughts of wearing them on the school-run has you running for the hills – adapt some metallic pieces instead to have fun with. They’re always stylish and easy to wear.


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