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Other Women’s Jobs / Janet Waite

NAME: Janet Waite INSTAGRAM HANDLE: Seasons_by_design JOB TITLE: Founder and owner of Seasons by design MOVED TO THE UAE IN:1998

I am a fully qualified interior designer that specializes in holiday decor. Seasons by design have been in Dubai for over 20 years, offering bespoke one-of-a-kind handmade seasonal decor for all seasons. Wreaths, garlands, centerpieces, fully decorated trees, stair garlands and front door garlands. I've worked with big brands and decorated many large homes across Dubai along with malls and embassies. No two designs are the same with each design including stunning ribbons, beautiful florals and gorgeous ornaments.

What does her day look like.. 7AM - wake up and catch up online with messages from the US. All my supplies come from the US and I am very involved in the design community in Texas so there is always stuff to catch up on. I answer a lot of order enquiries that come through facebook and instagram.

9AM - Headed out the door for a tree installation.This will take up a big part of the day. Usually standing the tree, fluffing branches and putting the lights on can take close to 2 hours

11 AM - Ribbons and topper come next. I always have to have Christmas music playing when standing a tree. I get in the zone and the creative process starts. There is nothing random about a tree design. It is carefully planned out and there is a special way that the tree goes together and you build in layers. ornaments and florals come next then the sprays that really bring it to life.

12 Noon - I don't usually stop for lunch but grab a protein bar. I drink plenty of water as all the up and down the ladders is thirsty work

3pm - clients have usually ordered garlands so I install those, take photos and head home

4PM - get home and just sit and catch my breath and then a long soak in the tub to get all the glitter off. Although the entire season I seem to be covered in glitter. I also use this time to think and plan for the next day

6PM - I usually head into the workroom to work on a wreath, centerpieces or garland for a client

7PM - order in dinner. I am too tired to cook

8-11PM - watch a bit of TV. catch up with my husband. My hands are never idle though. I cut ribbons and make bows for the next orders. I estimate that I make over a thousand bows per season. Also time to do my social media posts, catch up on emails, check in with suppliers

11PM - head to bed but it takes me a few hours to fall asleep as I have ideas bouncing around my head constantly. I do my best thinking at night!

It's a very tiring but satisfying time of year in the lead up to the festive season. Making people happy makes me feel fulfilled and satisfied. I love my job!

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