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Get “Nursery Ready” With a Little Help from Kibsons New Range

Nursery ready with kibsons

Sending your little ones off to nursery for the first time can feel both stressful yet bittersweet as you wave them off to begin their new academic journey. From holding back the tears , yours *and* theirs, Kibsons has curated an entire range dedicated to parents needing nursery supplies, giving peace of mind that your little ones are perfectly prepared for the new year to come. From baby changing bags, milk, muslins, sippy cups, and nappy bags, to baby food, organic fruit and vegetables, art supplies, toys, and much more, Kibsons is your one-stop shop for all your ‘Back to Nursery’ needs.

Download the Kibsons app for all your ‘Back to Nursery’ needs. For more information, please visit


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