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Dry Brushing - Have You Tried It?

By Scarlett Sykes

On a recent scroll through instagram I saw an influencer (who I actually value the opinion of) talking about 'Dry Brushing'. I'll be honest, I had to google what it was. I have never heard of it but if she was doing it I clearly needed to jump on the bandwagon (can you tell I'm easily influenced), but I am very glad I did.

After a while of googling which one to get and immediately, I ordered one and got brushing that evening. First things first, I was pretty shocked at the colour of my skin after a few minutes of brushing but was reassured, from the research, that this was very normal. Dry Brushing should only be part of your routine maximum of 2 times a week, best done before your shower and on dry skin, which is probably obvious from the name.

I'm only 3 weeks in but I already feel like my skin is softer, and right after the brushing it feels invigorated, so I'm looking forward to seeing what the results are in the weeks to come.

Benefits of dry brushing include:

  • Exfoliates - probably the most obvious but regular exfoliating gets rid of dead skin and leaves you glowing when done regularly

  • Circulation Boost - the increase of redness in your skin following dry brushing is a clear indication of what this is doing to boost circulation - it is getting your blood moving to target areas.

  • Lymphatic Drainage - the increase of blood flow also helps to create lymphatic drainage which all goes towards helping your skin glow

  • Reduce cellulite - We are still on the fence with this and don't want you assuming that just getting a dry brush with remove every lump and bump but there is proof that increasing blood flow to these target areas so helps reduce the appearance of cellulite over time

Fancy giving it a go? There are many different types of brushes on the market so here are a few of our favourites to make your google search a little easier.

Dr Barbara Sturm - Anti-cellulite Body Brush Dhs129

Available on Namshi

ESPA Skin Stimulating Body Brush Dhs109

Available on Lookfantastic

H&M Round Dry Body Brush Dhs85


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