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Review // Atlantis, The Palm - Sustainable Kids Menu

By Grace Snapes

During the start of the pandemic, once importation become slower, the restaurants of Atlantis, The Palm used this opportunity to research local farms and the possibility of using their produce for some of their restaurants. The chefs personally visited the farms across the UAE to see what produce they had available, to make sure it was right for them. We are talking Salmon Farms, Oyster farms, fruits, and vegetables all available locally. Their aim is to provide more sustainable, locally sourced, and organic dining options.

Now as a parent we have all said, ‘why do kid’s menus only have pizza and pasta’! Yes, these items will still be on the menus, but their focus is to create better choices for our children, and to have the produce sourced locally is a big tick for us! Their organic, locally sourced items from the menu will have a special Atlantis Atlas Project sign next to them. We tried it at the weekend and can confirm that the food was amazing and a big hit for the kids and adults, we will be back soon to try more items.

You can book a table online or call them on +971 4 426 0000


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