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Bra-vellous: The Importance of the Perfect Fit

by Kellie Whitehead

How many of you enjoyed the bra-less benefits of lockdown or working from home?

I know, right? Bra off, lounge wear on became a semi permanent state we could all get on board with, and I was certainly here for it.

But I want to speak in defence of the bra for a moment, but really the transformative effects of being properly measured and fitted for our super supportive friends.

Bras get a bad rap, and it’s likely you yourself are wearing the wrong size. You’re not alone though, apparently 80% of women are. Not only will a badly fitting bra leave you desperate to take the thing off as soon as it’s socially appropriate to do so, it’s going to leave you uncomfortable all day, and if you are a DD+ girl, leave you with more problems than your smaller cupped pals.

A proper fitting bra will correct posture and ease back pain, but not only that, have you seen the difference a proper fitting bra can make to your overall look and feel?

Nobody deliberately hobbles around in badly fitting shoes - oaky, well maybe sometimes if it’s a car to bar scenario and we won’t be walking anywhere, bu if you are walking around all day, why do we do it to ourselves with our underwear?

Just like an offensive knicker line on your too tight undies, nobody wants the ‘four boob’ effect visually. Overspill, too tight back bands and more giving us more rolls than anyone needs. Not only can a properly fitting bra help you physically, it can literally transform the way your clothes hang and fit, leaving you feeling confident and looking better, an when we look good, we feel good, right?

Don’t get me wrong, I was part of the 80% up until a few years ago. When the lovely Kate Kikano opened TKD Lingerie in the UAE, she was on a mission to provide all the support required for any of us ‘non standard’ sized ladies. Opening in Jumeirah, Dubai in 2012, TKD was born from Kate’s frustration trying to find pretty, fashionable and well fitting bras that weren’t beige or frumpy, for ladies with larger busts. It’s crazy to think there is not a tape measure in sight. If you’ve ever experienced a generic department store ‘bust measurement’ service , it’s no wonder you’ve been scarred for life, grabbing the nearest rack (pun intended) for anything remotely okay as you run away in horror.

Kate showed me the transformation of a properly fitted bra all those years ago.

When I’m in the UK, I visit Emily Harbon at her boutique & She Knows in the Yorkshire market town of Bawtry, and spend a blissful hour of what I consider ‘self care’ - Emily says;

Just like you wouldn’t wear shoes that hurt you, you really shouldn’t be wearing a bra that makes you uncomfortable. The difference the right bra can make to not only your clothing but your posture too is transformative. It can feel like an investment wearing the right brand and size for your body, but it really is an investment in self. The right bra, with the right care, will last you a long time. It’s sustainable shopping at it’s best as the benefits pay for themselves. Obviously a woman’s breast size can change for a variety of reasons, through hormones, pregnancy, weight loss or gain, making it even more important to wear the right size

Just like Emily, Kate Kikano offers cup sized swimwear too at TKD. Confidence in swimwear is one thing, but to know you will find something fashionable that truly fits you is heaven sent, especially if ‘holiday’ time actually means chasing after toddlers or dive bombing with teens. Everything stays ‘where it should’ and we are not left staring menacingly at the dental floss triangle options the high street show us.

Honestly ladies, there is no excuse. Taking time to get the ‘foundations’ right is both time saving and cost effective in the long run, alongside the confidence of looking great in your clothes, but how do you know if you are in the wrong size currently?

Kate tells us what to look for.

● Remember different styles and brands of lingerie can fit differently, so you’re not just a single bra size. Check the fit of every bra to ensure optimal comfort and the best shape for you.

● Check the straps aren’t digging in or slipping off. You should be able to get your thumb underneath, otherwise it’s too tight.

● The underband should be snug, but not tight. It shouldn’t move when you lift your arms up.

● The underwire should sit flat and follow the lines of your breast.

● Press the wires under each arm. They should feel firm as they are sitting on your rib cage. If they feel soft, they are on your breast tissue and your cup is too small.

● Do the couple lay flat against your breast? Any gaping is die to either a style that doesn’t suit your shape or the cups being too big.

TKD Lingerie is staffed by a team of fully qualified, internationally trained bra fitters, with branches in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and you can visit the boutiques for a complimentary fitting, or get in touch for virtual advice or even a home visit via the WhatsApp Bra Fit Hotline 055 5115 996

Getting my bust professionally measured and leaving with perfect fitting bras is one of the best things I have ever done for myself, and if it’s something you’ve never done, I challenge you to an ‘uplifting’ experience!

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