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BEAUTY REVIEW || Reva Luxury Home Spa

Team Raemona test out the latest must-try Spa treatments in the region

Spa name: Reva – Luxury Home Spa

Treatment name: 60mins Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Claims to: Lymphatic drainage has many benefits including reducing swelling and water retention, it also boosts the immune system due to eliminating toxins, reduces the appearance of cellulite and promotes body and mental relaxation. What’s not to love there? We need it all!

Perfect for: This industrial massage has great benefits for those with compromised immune systems, so in the Covid era, it’s something we can all do with.

It can also help with brain fog, chronic fatigue, depression, cold hands and feet, bloating, water retention and excess weight.

I personally chose the treatment as it has been shown to have good benefits after going through IVF treatment as it helps to flush out toxins and the crazy amount of hormones, as well as helping to reduce the bloat and water retention which is a common side effect.

The results are: The aim of lymphatic drainage is to remove toxins that accumulate between the cells with drainage occurring naturally after each massage. The technique and stimulation in the massage will decrease any swelling and improve the appearance of cellulite. Lymphatic drainage also improves circulation, relaxes the body and combats localized fat.

Wow factor: There are lots of home salon services and more popping up every day, but this one definitely had a more luxurious feel than some which was very lovely, but still at a very reasonable price. The quality of the beds, linen and all the extra touches enhanced the experience.

Raemona verdict: I’m a massive fan of home services, even more so in this Covid era. Who wants to leave the house if you don’t need to? I’ve gradually been working my way through a number of them and this was definitely one of the best I have tried to-date and I’ll definitely try them for other services in the future.

I chose this for a specific purpose to reduce my post IVF bloat and flush out all the hormones as I was feeling sluggish and generally out of sorts and I’d read really good results from others who had gone through similar.

This was far from a relaxing massage so be warned. If you’re choosing it, I expect you’re doing it with a goal in mind. Definitely don’t choose it if you’re looking for some R&R. A couple of times during the treatment I did yelp out a bit and at one point I was biting down on the towel – but I went in with the mindset of no pain no gain!

I left the massage straight after feeling rejuvenated and my body felt like it had been through a total workout and it felt easier and lighter.

After a good night of sleep, I definitely felt less bloated the day after. It usually takes 2 weeks to feel “normal” after IVF treatment, so I plan to book in for another in 5-7 days time.

My only one little niggle was that on leaving my massage lady said “Maam, try the slimming massage next time” – consider this girl kicked when down!

Cost: AED 300 for a 60 minute massage.

Other massage options available include: Relaxation / Deep Tissue / Aromatherapy / Sports / Slimming / Traditional Thai – plus many other at home salon options.


Whatsapp – 056 800 6650

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