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ASICS reveals over 50% women become less active or stop exercising with age

Asics reveal results of first study of gender exercise gap

ASICS, our running shoes of choice (because they're brilliant!), have just unveiled the results of a global study they did on the gender exercise gap and the results are fascinating, but also a little sobering.

The study was led by renowned academics Dr Dee Dlugonski and Professor Brendon Stubbs and together with ASICS re-affirmed the positive correlation between women’s exercise levels and their mental wellbeing, with women reporting they’re 52% happier, 50% more energised, 48% more confident, 67% less stressed and 80% less frustrated when regularly exercising .

The study which did include the UAE, also revealed that over 50% of women surveyed were dropping out of or stopping exercise completely, due to barriers experienced during their lifetime. Globally, these barriers included time pressures (74%), low self-confidence (35%) to intimidating environments (44%) or not feeling sporty enough (42%), all of which are negatively impacting their state of mind.

In encouraging news, around the world people are actively breaking barriers for women in sport and ASICS helps shines a light on their stories and pledges to help Move Her Mind.

Asics Move Her Mind Campaign


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