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Mind Blowing Body Transformations at ROAR Fitness

Have you seen the ROAR Fitness before and afters and firstly wondered, are they real, followed by a "sign me up pronto"!

The before and after shots tell the ROAR story. But this isn’t just any get fit quick journey. Founded by husband and wife duo, 3 x Olympian Sarah Lindsay and UK’s leading body transformation expert Rich Phillipps, ROAR Fitness is the only Dubai personal training gym able to offer its clients an Olympic training experience like no other in its field. The highly experienced team of nutritionists, strength coaches and world class personal trainers all come together to offer clients the most comprehensive and cutting-edge personal training experience imaginable.

The abs you’ve dreamed of. ‘Wedding’ arms? Strength, energy and confidence. Whatever you’re aiming for, it can be yours in the newly launched 6 week program at ROAR.

The new 6 week program utilises the same principles and levels of care as the highly successful 12 week transformation package and is priced from AED 9,100.

It’s the perfect way to spend those extra Ramadan hours wisely, and set yourself up for the summer of your life. You owe it to yourself and the incredible ROAR results can be yours too - in just 6 weeks.

16 week body transformation at Roar Fitness

13 week body transformation at Roar Fitness

4 week body transformation at Roar Fitness


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