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“And Just Like That” – The Renewal and The Rumours

The good news is that it’s official “And Just Like That” will be back for a second season. Whilst a little slow to start some said, by the end of the show we were as hooked as we ever were on the original and we loved how they handled all the topics we’re talking about and dealing with such as menopause, marriage difficulties, infidelity, friendships and more. It’s only been a few months, but we miss Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda and our weekly fix and it definitely got us all talking.

So, what do we know so far about S2?

After a number of texts and the alluded reunion with Carrie in the finale of S1, it seems Samantha will continue to play a part of S2, although this will continue through messages and calls given Kim Cattrall’s absence from the show. Whilst we miss Samantha and her one liners, we do like to know she’s alive and well and living it up Ab Fab style in London. Better on text than not at all, right?

Controversial Che Diaz will be back. The polarizing character, who helped blow apart Miranda’s life and marriage, added a big dash of woke and some. What we also know is that the writers promise to show more of Che in S2 and not less.

S2 will pick up about 3 weeks after where S1 finale left off. So, what will happen in Carrie’s dating life? Will Che and Miranda last? And what next for the SATC ladies as they really grow up?

We’re not sure about you, but we definitely can’t wait. Roll on 2023!


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