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All You Need to Know About Dry Cleaning

Is it just us or who else feels a bit mystified when it comes to dry cleaning? We asked the friendly bunch at Champion Cleaners a few of the things on our mind…

What cannot be dry cleaned? Any specific items or fabrics?

In general, items that cannot be dry cleaned include fabrics containing or made up of plastic, PVC or polyurethane. Items containing any print or rubber designs cannot be dry cleaned. Fabrics composed of these materials would deteriorate during the cleaning process.

What does “dry cleaning” actually mean? What is the process?

The word “dry cleaning” doesn’t mean that it’s a dry process. Instead, it is a process in which other solvents are used instead of water to clean the garments. The most common solvent used in the process is called Perc (Perchloethylene) which is commonly recognized by general public as the traditional dry cleaning process in use for over 30 years. There are of course newer dry cleaning technologies in place such as Green Earth and hydrocarbon based solvents that are milder in nature to cater to more delicate fabrics.

When should you choose dry cleaning over normal cleaning?

This depends on the composition of the fabric and the care-label recommendations. To be on the safe side consult with professionals as there is a small possibility of care label non-compliance to be decided upon further fabric analysis for the right dry cleaning procedures, normal dry cleaning, hydrocarbon, or green earth. Wet cleaning technology is also an option if dry cleaning would not be the choice.

Is dry cleaning good for the environment?

There are certain debates still on going with regards to the usage of Perchloroethylene as a solvent but there are many precautionary measures in place for the usage and disposal. However, there are other dry cleaning solvents available that are very much environmentally friendly such as Green Earth.

How often should you dry clean items such as car seat or stroller?

Baby car seats and strollers are designed to be washed. The process involves dismantling, all parts and cleaning them accordingly. In addition, all car seats & strollers are sanitized and deodorized by i-Genius without the use of chemicals. It is highly recommended to inspect car seats and strollers on regular basis for cleaning requirements.

Tell us, who dry cleans more? Men or Women?

According to the survey reports, Ladies items are more likely to be dry cleaned due to their sensitive natures and elaborate designs.

What’s the strangest item you ever cleaned?

Mascots are normally the most exciting pieces for cleaning. These are challenging items that have to be taken apart as different parts requires different mode of cleaning and stitched back together after cleaning.


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