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All Eyes on FIFA World Cup

How to get into the spirit of our neighbours hosting this world class act, when you know nothing about football.

As we count down to the 2022 FIFA World Cup taking place in Qatar from 20th November to the 18th of December 2022, we bring you up to speed with all you need to know to make you an expert and get you cheering in all the fan zones, in no time.

Whether you are a football fanatic and cannot wait for the tournament to begin or did not even know a World Cup exists, here is a rundown of one of the most exciting things to hit the Middle East since Kim Kardashian rode a camel at Jumeirah Beach.

All jokes aside, the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar is a big deal. It is the first ever to be held in the Middle East – Arab region and we should be proud. Qatar, the host has built up eight new stadiums for this and although there had been murmurs in the past about the country not getting all completed in time, they have, and they are ready.

Qatar is already decked out in decorations to celebrate its achievements so far and is allowing for local citizens and residents belonging to other nations to decorate their homes for the event. They will be welcoming 32 football teams that will be participating in the tournament and expecting a massive 1.5million spectators. Hello tourists, its their time to shine.

From October, the country will have a volunteer list exceeding 20,000! Hailing from not only Qatar but other countries also. Many Dubai volunteers are attending their induction in early September to be ready.

Now so we do not get confused, Football is the same as Soccer, depending on which country you were brought up in. It is the round ball that is kicked around but very speedy athletes across the grass field. The ball does not get touched by hands! If it does, there is trouble, and you will see some grumpy men on the field with whistles and yellow or red cards. You will also see some either very happy fans or fans you need to move away from at the same time. Either way, if its not your team playing, get into the spirit by following whoever has the most fans around you.

It's always a fun time when worldwide sporting events are on and over the whole month of the FIFA 2022 World Cup, Dubai is bound to bring out the big guns to get fans in the zone. There are many OG venues that will be set up to watch the matches on the big screens like McGettigan’s, but this time since it's our neighbour hosting, there are quite a few new and exciting places to watch.

But the most impressive…

The FIFA Fan-Fest at Dubai Harbour & Expo City

FIFA has only granted five cities in the world outside of Doha the license to host an official FIFA Fan-Fest and Dubai is one of them. International music artist concerts, official FIFA vendors, the largest screens you have ever seen, and activations for the whole family. Lucky Us! If you cannot get to Qatar, you will feel like it is here.

If you managed to get a ticket to be at the World Cup or someone randomly gave you a pass, by now you would have your flights and accommodation in order. But recently announced you will also need to apply and have a Hayya Card to enter Qatar and the stadiums. Qatar has closed its borders if you dont have this or appropriate documentation to be in the country from 1st of November 2022.

Its not the actual football that makes the world cup as popular as it is. Of course, without the sport we would not unite and have a grand time through out the month and yes, the nail-biting suspense of some of the matches do get remembered years down the line. But ultimately its all about the feeling. The feeling you get when you are in amongst the action either live in the hosting country or down at the pub. The atmosphere, the cheering and the love. It is really a great feeling.

Is your country’s team in the running? Here at the 32 Football team countries that have qualified…

· Qatar (Host Country)

· Germany

· Denmark

· Brazil

· France

· Belgium

· Serbia

· Spain

· Croatia

· Switzerland

· England

· Netherlands

· Argentina

· Iran

· South Korea

· Saudi Arabia

· Japan

· Uruguay

· Ecuador

· Canada

· Ghana

· Senegal

· Poland

· Portugal

· Tunisia

· Morocco

· Cameroon

· United States

· Mexico

· Wales

· Australia

· Costa Rica

As the matches are played and the schedule progresses, teams will begin to get eliminated by losing.

It only comes around every four years and even if you do not watch any football match in between, cheering on your team at the FIFA World Cup is for everyone.

To stay up to speed with who is playing when and what time you need to shut your laptop and grab your countries flag, check in regularly at: OR

Let the fun and games begin!

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